How long this month seems to be. An oddity; but have gone with it long enough. Can think of no reason why I should feel it so. Perhaps the sale of the apartment. Or somet­hing. Peculiar. ~~~ Everyone complains the turn of events in French domestic politics, with ultra right-wind nationalist Le Pen gaining ground. Reporter with the Le Monde argued, on CNN, it’s on account of a fear of losing national identity, and I think he’s right on his money, there. Doesn’t make it right, mind one, and certainly France has not much to be proud of these days; sixty percent turnout to a Presidential election is a horrible stat. My money’s on Chiraq for the second run, no doubt he’ll win it by a fair margin. But food for thought has been given, in kind portions. ~~~ Turned the bike in for repairs; about time I got that wheel fixed. Six forty, the pricetag. Ever happy I’m not a car owner. Meant no visit with the girlfriend, as I had that ten kilometer run in the evening. Instead went on to study nothing at all, as I seemed to lack the photocopied pages of material covered in this week’s session; couldn’t find it anywhere, so am hoping to get hold of it tomorrow, if possible. Strange where it’s gone, probably accidentally disposed of it. The advantage of knowing exactly where everything is, one doesn’t have to turn everything inside out to find missing things. Only blaim oneself when it’s not there, in which case one has most likely overdone the organizing. Anyways; threw myself at a book on a bit of new Internet technology instead, before that aforementioned run. A good one; moderate pace, kept it all the way through, then came back and discovered a decent time to the training as well. Am at the point where it’s fun to be out and about again; the initial fighting is over now, so it’s not all uphill and agains the wind, which is nice. Time to look up, not down into the ground the distance throughout. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.