Spent the last week at the girlfriend’s, then came back to the apartment today and could hardly make it in the door for all the adds and newspapers blocking it. And the bills, for that matter. Another letter from the Amnesty folks; didn’t I pay that one already? If I can’t dig up the receipt will donate some. Should well be able to afford it, in a two months’ time. Received my paycheque directly into my checking account today; included the raise. It’s a significant sum of money, no doubt about it. Came to an agreement with the boss, Karsten; forty hours in exchange for the raise, originially not intended to be this size. Worked off near half of those hours last weekend, past a visit with Bo in Milo, so not far from hence my conscience will be clear. On the before-mentioned destination, have begun to look around for a place there. Most likely a flat under a multi­ownership scheme, as apartments for let are hard to find. Looking for something close to the South part of the city, a bit away from the expensive part and, well, also a distance from Bo, whom I hold in kind regard but not so kind as to have him about constantly, or be myself subject to a permanent invitation. He’s an agreeable fellow, and visiting with him always calms me down, makes me put down my guard. But it’s not something I should pursue every day of the week, for that would be a terrible waste of my time. But let’s see what location the city’s willing to give up to me. Will try and set something up for the Saturday upcoming. ~~~ Girlfriend handed in her works with the Academy of Fine Arts; now she’s only to wait for an answer to her hard work. Took to the Tivoli to celebrate; a nice enough idea. If not the best of days, weather-wise. Fortnight before that saw ‘Kate & Leopold’, at the Palladium. Kind-hearted film, couldn’t hurt a fly. Spending much time with her and at work, not much time for studies. Am not lacking behind, but would have if not for the somewhat light chapters. Will try and claim more time to myself; exams but a month away, very soon now. Damn near killed off my plants, staying away from the apartment so long. In the evening out for my run, ten kilometer’s the regular distance now. Sans wrist- and knee-bands, am glad to be past those aides. Getting there, back in shape, i.e. Terribly pleasing feeling. ~~~ Tomor­row Wednesday. May 1st, incidentally, international workers unite(!). Will stick by work, work some hours off my debt. Mid-week. Am hoping for a quiet day.