Back to earth, after the exam. Resting easy, in the know of it. Sneezed a lot throughout the day, which I guess amounted to what I got from it. Well, perhaps a bit more, but hay-fever is certainly back for a while. Three weeks, is the period it usually takes before I’ve stocked up on antihistamines. Bought the pills and will stick by them. Not working the full hundred percent, but they also have their job cut out for them I guess. ~~~ Left Bo’s at seven. Actually woke up around 5, dozed a few hours beyond that. Never any good at sleeping in strange places. Don’t know why. Two, three hours, fours hours tops, that’s the consecutive dosage. Out on the morning train, home a bit over an hour later. Fell asleep on the couch, slept till twelve. My quiet day. Packed more stuff in boxes. Near ready for the move, a week from now. Stopped by work for a few hours, also. Back and a bite to eat before a slow ride Downtown. Saw ‘The Others’ at the Palladium. A good film, worked out well despite the simple technicalities. Never quite got behind it, i.e. figgured it out, though. ~~~ Suddenly tired, can’t think of a reason why. Will get over to the girlfriends and get to sleep. She won’t be there, but she’s back from her weekend at her folks’ tomorrow, Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day