Designated shopping day. Went to Camden Town, home of the eternal street market and the center of the hip, apparently. Also a damned freak show, to say the least. Everyt­hing out of the ordinary. Worked our way, girlfriend first, in and out of the stalls of army fatigue, Chinese noodle-shops, t-shirt vendors and fake african artifact importers. It’s a diversity-bomb exploded, not for the faint of heart. Tried to blend in as much as possible and let the girlfriend do the talking. Fascinated by the place to the extend I had my eye out for a black button shirt with a motif of a grey dragon on it let it go till the next visit. Instead bought two sets of hand­cuffs, for reasons obvious to anyone who’s given thought to variation of a sex-life. Another interesting thing: Discovered, on a second-hand vintage market, an ZX Spectrum computer, quite like the one I once possessed. Valued a some £40, seemed remar­kably cheap it’s nothing short of a vintage machine, as far as yours truly is concerned. Funny revisit with the past. ~~~ Sweet-and-sour chicken dinner, then made one last round of the area. The girlfriend had a henna-tattoo made as a means of scaring her mother into believing she’s disfigured herself. Paid our goodbyes on that note. ~~~ Had not plans for the remainder of the late afternoon, so decided to go to Hyde Park. Watched in awe as the pidgeons flew down to be hand-fed by a boy sitting just next to us – never knew them as tame as this. Not to mention the squirrels, whom we found running to us as if they were tame, curious kittens. Took a picture, the girlfriend, of one particu­larly curious individual, sitting half a meter from the lens – truly amazing. Moved to the north-east end of the park, where we sat down and rested in the complementary sitting-chairs. For about an hour, this, then up and tried to spot the Speaker’s Corner. Highly nondescript; no stools or platforms available, just a paved piece of ground below the Marble Arch Square. No proclamations of any kind, alas. ~~~ Went to see a movie, at the Picadelli Circus. Irregularity on the subway meant walking from Oxford St. to the Picadelli Circus, no greater effort. The shopping-sprawl of high society, Regent Street; many expensive boutiques even one actually called ‘Expensive’! Saw ‘About a Boy’ at our former friend, ‘the Trocadero’. Awful sound in the theatre, but besides that, the movie was very good. Hugh Grant in fine shape. End of a laid-back day. Came back and enjoyed a bit of sex, introducing the handcuffs. Value for money, this new addition.