Girlfriend in an excited mood; sold her apartment in a matter of one, singular month. Very impressive, I must add – thinking back to how I myself had to waste another five months until my own went off the market. On that incidental; found the money from the sale finally in my account. Made good use of it and paid off half my remaining loan, which is now down to some forty thousand. Added the twenty in my checking account, added the two-hundred thousand the new apartment’s worth, it would be fair to say I’m in the black on this one. Am happy for her, happy the sale went about to quickly. Though she still comes out in the red, some seventeen thousand in, it’s a far cry better than when she started. She’s only ever gained from the invest­ment, which has been a thoroughly successful one. And quite as I recall I myself felt it, she’s evidently happy with it all, also. Merry resolutions are seldom turned down, and this part of the year finds them in abundance. The move to Sweden, the pay-raise, the selling of the apartments, all falls into place. On her thoughts to dedicating herself more to her painting, she’s arrived at and seem willing to fulfil an obligation to remain at her current position still, but some thirty hours a week instead of the full working week. Grants her a three-day weekend, for starters. Then, after a little while, if it works out well and she has to chance to decrease her hours even further, that’s where she might go. It’s up to her, of course, to make the best of it. I must admit I’m damn proud of her, as the obligation is one she feels only with herself, rather than being coerced into it. Proud, as other alternatives presented themselves. She’ll work out all her concerns, financially and self-consciously, in a matter of suitable time. ~~~ Finished the ‘Middlemarch’, go a decent ending and possibly great avail. I think a bit of time will have me look back upon it in a better light, as in high probability I was ill-prepared for it. Much too hard a read for me. Thought the ending a bit rushed, yet fulfilling its purpose and capping the volume well enough. Though next time will go for the translation, despite facing a near equal loss of the sensa­tion that finds me, studying English pages as opposed to those of a native tongue. ~~~ Immediately picked up Hardy’s ‘A Pair of Blue Eyes’. Halfway in, some two hundred pages or so, in a matter of two days. Now there’s a lighter read, scale-wise. ~~~ Brief chats with sis and mum. The first on grounds of her birth­day, this date preceding, august 28th. Never an event for major celebration with this immediate family, I gather. Good to talk to her again. Seems she and Thomas are set for a major life-style change, indicating a sale of his apartment in favor of a move. To Sweden, as fate would have it. Think I may have acted the prece­dence there, proudly so. In Amsterdam for a few days on a brief holiday, now she faces a new course to take, side by side with her full-time work. All in a day’s work, she adds it up. She always were the scholar, inarguably so. Resilient, and patient, too. Might say her personality alone deserved her every challenge she ever fought and won. ~~~ Sounds really well and great, mum, it’s marvelous to have her convey the amusing anecdotes and laugh with her. What the traces of her illness have in store for her these days I’m unaware, and certainly disinclined to mention, when I hear her voice and can tell it’s one of the good days. She’s so strong, I believe the awareness of the illness itself, concluding so long a period of bewildering discomfort, is half the cure, if not more so. Give it a name and she can fight it; like the latin word for one of the multitude of weeds she knows by heart to pull out and throw away from her garden. They might even substitute her medication with a placebo and she’ll overcome all yet. An exaggeration. But damn good to talk to her like this. ~~~ Weekend up ahead. Finds the girlfriend on Funen, at some family conference. Will meet up with Thor, bide his help in putting all these new spare-parts into my pc. And go and take stock at some new furniture, his and mine alike. Leaving the remainder of the day – and weekend – to chance. Have begun work on the last course, particularly the project meant to resemble it. All in good time – the course isn’t due till well into the new year, but require the head-start, one or two other projects in mind. A challenge, but it’ll be good to bring to use some of what I’ve learned, yet by far sadly neglected to use. ~~~ Tomor­row Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.