Amazing how it still runs, this battered lap­top. Complains ever so often of poor digestion or the like, but somehow all illnesses are done away with and it fires up like old times were here to stay. Stray thought, this. ~~~ Contemplating a Winther holiday. Have still some three weeks’ holiday left, with not a notion of what to do with. Girlfriend plans to take some days off around the forty-third week, so as to sort all out in connection with her shift to Milo. Might try and liberate myself from work, coincide. If work allows, i.e.: Enough to be done, these days, have put seven hours worth of overtime in this week, and will probably end out at around 40-50 hours. Remember this season as tougher, but of course a few projects have been shifted around to my great convenience and made life easier. And my new assistant proves a valuable aide. Anja, utterly nice girl some twenty-four years of age, goes at the job with what at first glance appears as every bit of dedication as her predecessor, whom on another note I heard from this day also, in a brief e-mail send to me. Enjoys her holiday in far-away Australia, for all appearances. Good for her. Straying from the subject; of work and not being able to do much on the project, alas. It’s a little here, a piece there, not amounting to much. By and by will make it count, but won’t be putting serious time in before the af­orementioned move has concluded, methinks. This, of course, depends much on my own conscience, and I could well possibly find room for improvement in the regard. ~~~ No running, no exer­cising, no physical strain on my part what so ever. Merrily riding my bicycle to and fro, though not without a care in my heart: But ankle-pain prevents me still from being out and about in the way I’d like, and for the damn of it I won’t be running again until the year has past. Instead plan to take up the gym again, try something called ‘spinning’, i.e. riding a restrained bicycle at high velocity and perspiring at great deal all the while. Keep my lungs at their peak capacity while I await the chance to run again. Also wouldn’t mind toning a few muscles; and work my back a bit, as I feel it complain of not being used in running. Should look into going with Thor, whom I know frequents a local gym on the kind of regular basis his job allows. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. With the girlfriend off to meet with friends will travel to Milo and meet with Thor and Bo. Though first will get to work, verbatim: stop by and try and get something done on the project for the course. One or two hours should do that ‘ole conscience good enough to allow a mellow later day. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.