To Milo and back, ever transporting various paraphernalia of the girlfriend’s. Should make the upcoming move easier, though combined with the abovementioned efforts I don’t think a partial move will amount to a lesser physical strain than a complete one. Too much crap, all said and done, and despite her own objections to it, it remains to be seen whether she’ll get rid of any of it, I’m doubtful. At any rate. Turning pages of ‘The Ambassadors’, by Henry James, along the route. Don’t remem­ber him as such a hard read; too often make it to the end the forth of fifth sentence on the same subject and still can’t make heads and tails of it. Surely ‘The American’ was easier, must have been. Will go in further before deciding if I’ll get at all anything out of it, which is naturally a great hope, spending so much of my time on it. For all I can make out – eagerly coasted on by the description of the text on the back of the volume – it’s about the proverbial second chance in life. Really there’s a good potential for an uplifting experience here, i.e. if I’ll ever understand enough of it to realize it. Seems some­what unlikely at this time, but will persist and, hope­fully, prevail. ~~~ Whilst on the cultural exercises, should mention a screening of ‘Road To Perdition’, at the Palladium. Sadly missed the greater screen in favor of one of the two smaller ones, but the film surely did not suffer from lack of the square-metres. Directed by Sam Mendes, of ‘American Beauty’ Oscar-fame, about a a father and a son saving each other. Think the greater analyse would hurt the film, and won’t go into detail. No reason to take apart what works so splendidly well. Will look out for it, and try and secure a copy of it. ~~~ A busy day at work, enough deadlines to be met. Well, met them all and arrived safely on the other side, as will be the case often enough in the weeks to come. So far, though, the season has been very kind to me indeed, and I wonder how I felt it so hard last year. Of course having missed out on a major client helps, as well as seeing another big job pushed to next year. Must say that my new aide, Anja, proves a damn great helping hand. Quick on the mind and as dedicated as they come for the kind of money she’s paid, I don’t think I could’ve done better. Excellent timing to her application in Karsten’s mail. Very glad to have her. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.