My apologies for the delay in entries. What with the move and all have not found the opportunity to pull myself together, apparently. Enough little things to do me well, though I’d high hoped all would be in place by now, apartment-wise. Not so; not due to lack of power of will, but by large owed to circumstance. As she’s gone ahead with her bizarre plan and purchased a twelve thousand kroner parrot, well, it puts a stop to some of the things I’d like to get in place before Winter sets in, in a manner of speaking. Such as installing cabinets and other activities deemed too high noised for the bird’s well-toned hearing. Don’t quite know what to make of it, the purchase and general idea, so try to maintain an unaffected countenance. Probably not always working to the degree I’d like. ~~~ All in all; the first couple of weeks have not brought any disasters or seen skeletons jump from the closets, so I gather we’ll stay alive until Christmas, for hopefully better than worse. Would like to credit myself for being the eternal diplomat and keeping a straight face to some of the moodswings, though for honesty’s sake let it be said it’s no well-kept secret with me I myself tend to suffer from those, from time to time. Try to foresee the ways in which she’ll strive to drive me crazy and put a stop to them before they get out of hand. Such as taking control of her moneywork, for example, and dealing with various government agencies that will usually find her up the walls. In that regard scanned, on the computer, a copy of her signature I find no difficulty nor quarrelled conscience in sending back and forth between said agencies. And secured a power of atterney I’ll no doubt find use for, also. Donated one myself, complete control of my accounts. Damn proper, and a sign of good faith. It seems clear, from her own words, that she’s been in situations whence before she’s put her trust in some who made the infamous choice to run off with it. And of course this should be a concern with her, given the level this relationship has risen to. Obviously reminds her of a situation of old, well, won’t press her for details but instead simply try and better the impression she then gained of the sex I represent. ~~~ Truth be told, in my own defence i.e., hours at work have been so numerous there’s been but little time dedicated towards personal affairs. Under my new contract stand a helluva lot of a better case when it comes to overtime-pay, so much that some sixty hours or so of regular overtime-hours appear on the bill as more than ninety plus. I find that amazing, I must say, and certainly worth no complaint of mine. Made thoughts to purchasing a new, portably computer, and might even be able to strike a deal with Karsten on that issue. Will press him for it, soon. Would like to be more por­table, in as much as I’d damn well better be putting in hours on the course, as I’ve neglected this for what seems like scores and scores of time. Got back into it for a brief spell this very evening, and had forgotten what a wonderful challenge it is. Would like to crack this one, and crack it well, even. ~~~ Whilst on the subject of learning; finished ‘The Ambassadors’, by James. Find it difficult to subtract a meaning from what I couldn’t comprehend – by far a much too hard read. About liberation and release; but could’ve gotten that from the book jacket, I suppo­se. It’s probably a very well written book; I sadly missed out, in understanding too few words and being unable to put those together that were there. On to easier things, I’d better be. Shopped around on some Internet bookstore, and will put in my order prior to the Christmas rush. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.