Called mum to wish her a happy birthday. No greater news, of course, hadn’t looked forward for any. Had to try a couple of times before she answered; have her suspected of keeping away from the phone par her usual reason, but got through non the less. Will ship some flowers out, do the usual thing. Nothing to give to these people; nothing at all comes to mind. Good to hear from her again. ~~~ A nice weekend, really. Usual errands and chores, but I belive the place’s the better for it. Pictures and art on the walls does it well, and at any rate better than the naked white color. Saw Thor in the evening, went to a movie; ‘Red Dragon’, from Thomas Harris’ novel. Value for money, better than the book. Purchased the tickets over the Internet and somehow had managed to enter the theatre with tickets for a screening dated three days before the night in question. Were removed from seats by some with stubs more valid than hours, thought luckily this secured us better places, away from noisy kids, enabling the full enjoyment of the affair. A good film, prior to which sat in at the Bishop’s Arms Inn for a beer and a chat with Thor and a friend of his, Christian, whom I’m sure I remember from firstmentioned’s moving-in party. Later on in the weekend they both helped move the cabinet from what used to be the office turned bedroom to Thor’s place, thank God I finally got rid of the thing. Hallway appears so much more spacious without it. Good to talk to him again. ~~~ Surprise e-mail from Bo. Hadn’t expected to hear from him, ever. Will assume a victory on behalf of my stubbornness, though for whichever good it does me I’m unaware. Was fully prepared to cross the street if I should spot him before he I, now all’s forgotten though not forgiven. Will visit with him Friday and stay for a while, reply to his writings and even distribute some myself, yet never trust myself to be half as familiar with him as circumstance originally brought about. Though we go back a lengthy while I’m not prepared to be treated like a friend by someone I consider not. ~~~ Good to rest for a few days. Am close to setting down from my flight of overtime put in. Found a chance to reaffirm the reason why I asked her to move in with me, and despite all obstacles it’s so far been a working solution in the making. Not a hundred percent stable, of course and certainly not, but still worth a shot. Grant it six months’ time and I gather I’ll be in the know. High hopes, of course, as ever. ~~~ Getting dark outside, truly; Not even five o’clock and the money hour has come and gone. Caught a bit of it from the train, but soon enough that’s out the window, sts. Ever looking forward to my holiday, from December 20th to January same. Meanwhile all slows down at work and I’m getting hours in on my course, given every opportunity. Need maintain my pace, I think. Would do me good to enter the Winter and holidays with that spirit intact. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quite day.