Delays on the morning route again. As will happen often and then again, alas. It’s a busy route that crosses a border between two countries, furthermore visits the busiest airport around. Half an hour late for work, prolonged my working day. Though gladly gave it up for three quarters of an hour in the girlfriend’s company, as the delay meant her presence for the duration of the trip – she goes on the train next after mine. ~~~ Finished ‘The Great Gatsby’. Was glad to have read it on a moving train; it deserves the pace, for it’s written to suit. It’s good, more than that. The restlessness is designed so as to near cut the reader, and that’s what it does, well. It’s surely a sad portrail of having nothing to do. Presumably in response to the first great war; I can see why no one should’ve cared to take anything seriously after that. Not for a long while. The jazz age. Brings me back to having seen ‘Road to Perdition’ – strikes the same tune. Yet, ‘Gatsby’: The conclusion is as profound and moving as it’s geniously build up to be. ‘One of my most vivid memories…’ What a wonderful section. Unadulterated Fitzgerald. Understand it’s a movie; will not look for it. The novel’s too deserving, by far, for that. ~~~ A good weekend, really. Drilled more holes in the walls and put the last cabinet up. The girlfri­end’s paintings. Took it out to the main shopping thoroughfare and talked about parenthood for a spell. Tried to convince her I’d make a great dad. Well, good enough. Better than most – of those one hears about in the news, anyway. Can’t tell beforehand I’ll be the one utterly dedicated presence, but then her expec­tations are high enough for only angels to reach. Middle ground will be found, in this matter also. Went to see Thor, but was thrown out on account of an illness he did not want to distribu­te. Returned home and tried to electrocute myself, wrestling the bathroom lighting. Turn the main switch off, dummy, before you mess around with stuff like that. Being my father’s son, I put it down to. No excuse, in fact quite the opposite. ~~~ Went on the Internet and bought a bunch of books and assorted media. My Christmas present for myself, took it up a notch from last year’s offering, methinks. Ah, hell, money spent on books will be money well spent, always. Back to basics in a few ways, securing the kidn of all-round material would be suited for teaching others. Thinking back to my gradeschool years, where I neglected many facts before a vivid imagination, well, time for a tune-up. Don’t think it’ll arrive before Christmas, though. On that note, received a call from mum, mentioned she’d bought her own and dad’s Christ­mas gifts and would I like to pay for them. Simplici­ty incarnated, these people remain. Nothing in the World is what they need. Mentioned my holidays and when I’d be going home for them. Sent her some flowers for her birthday and believe she was happy about the attention. Am looking much forward to going back. Has been a while. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.