Quiet working day to at quiet working week. Have been able to do a couple of so-called ‘home-working days’, in reality doing but little I did not already spend my weekends on. Working on the course, i.e., to what I’d like to think a deal of avail. Still concentrating on the basics, seeing progress. Working month ends just about now, as it happens. Thankfully so; am seemingly down on my reserves, financially. It’s an illusion to the eye, though; transferring money from my Danish account to my Swedish one involves three banks, with all of which I leave small sums behind. A thousand here, a thousand there. In all honesty have also invested in a bit of equipment deemed necessary – but probably wasn’t. Am not worried by any means, Christmas coming soon despite. ~~~ Great reading on the train. ‘Moon Shot’, a vivid description of the race of mankind to reach the moon, in the fall of the sixties. By Alan Shepard and Deke Slayton, magnificient storytellers granted their story by God himself. Good for a history-lesson and the human angle. ~~~ Thought I had a million things to write about, but perhaps I’m content as is. Almost; wish I was running again, but am still uncertain as to the where and when on that issue. Looking much forward to my holiday, commencing December 21st. Near a full month, could do wonders with that kind of time. Planning aheaed. Tomorrow Satur­day. Am hoping for a quiet day.