Went to Hobro and got the folks a book for Christmas, apart from what gifts they’d already purchased in my name. Walked up and down the shopping thoroughfare and tried my best to look up instead of ahead of me; many details to be caught, in this fashion. Also thus avoided to look into too many depressingly empty store-fronts. Seems there’s not the kind of money in this town as were the case some two-three years ago. Tells from he empty shops as well as the new signs where old names would’ve been familiar to me. Cannot being myself to raise a brow on the fact. Met Lars Brink in the street, with his wife. Exchanged hellos, business cards, then goodbyes. Drove up to the old academy and gave thought on how to handle his invitation. Realized I was sitting in a moving car and took my hint from that. In reality the decision was made already, made a long enough of a time ago I gather, or I would’ve pondered the matter more. ~~~ Slept long hours, even after dinner excused myself in order to read but happily being sound asleep within long. Saw ‘Guns of the Navarone’ in the evening. Read a while, finished the ‘Franny’ part, Salinger’s. Marvelous. Picked up on the project, if only to familiarize myself with it before getting back into it. Tomorrow, for a few hours. Reread last half of the year’s combined entries. So much seems to have happened, I’ll find no trouble describing a suitable conclusion to the year. On hold till after Christmas Eve. Tomorrow, i.e. Am hoping for a quiet day.