Lost track of what day it was. Means I’ve managed to disconnect myself from the working days and benefit from the holiday. Headaches from sleeping too much, in fact. Attempts to arrange a Salinger so to the immediate eye it’ll appear I’m reading, not nodding off, probably fail. Hard to make it look like one’s reading with eyes closed and the volume slipped to the floor. Go to bed at four o’clock, always happens when I’m with the folks and have enough time on my hands; night becomes day, and vice versa. Got up early yesterday, though, to see the dentist. Half an hour’s work adds up to little less than five hundred. Anathema. Obscene. And got a haircut at Viborg, by Anita’s. Same price, a hundred. Good to know that some things don’t devaluate so rapidly as a dental cleansing. ~~~ Brief chat with the girlfriend on the phone. Has all sorts of things arran­ged upon my arrival at Funen, on Monday. Can’t hardly wait. But will be good to see her again, for she’s thoroughly missed at this point. ~~~ Tomorrow Saunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.