Could bring myself to mention the New Year’s Eve, on account of its merriable qualities. Enjoyed an odd bit of a social event, some two hours’ journey to Holbaek. With friends and familiar faces of the girlfriend’s; had no prior warning, sts, but came away with an awfully nice impression of the friend­ly couple with whom we spent the evening in question. Their two girls, twins two years of age, were a lively addition. Claimed their attention, but they were well brought-up kids. Stayed away from heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages, thus kept in the conversation throughout, to my benefit. Toasted the turning of the year in champagne. Not late into the new one, fifty percent of the hosts cashed in his share of beforementioned alcoholic intake and went into a sound sleep. Took our clue from that and parted with the rest of the company. Spent the night in an apartment of a friend of the girlfriend’s; slept poorly, as always the case when spending the night in a strange place. Out of there by near noon the following day, first of the year. All ice and the snow piles up. Caught three different kinds of public transportation within a few minutes of their departure, thus were home earlier than expected. Good to be back, for good, sts. ~~~ Haven’t had the chance to do much with the project, for explai­nable though non excusable, reasons. Spent a deal of time sorting out the inbox; piles up, layer by layer, when I’m away. Good to be rid of it. Many financial matters; look ahead to the official end of the fiscal year, around March or so, when the state closes the year. Have many things to deduct, what with the apartment and all. A few financial worries, in as much as I haven’t the flexi­bility with my accounts that I’m used to. From waiting too long for the overtime-pay to find me, plus lending – giving – the girlfriend four thousand for her Christmas expenses, when her wallet was stolen. Plus lending Bo four thousand also. A bit of a while back; haven’t heard from him on the issue as yet, will very soon have to be in touch with him about, if he doesn’t catch up with me first. Which, I might add, I sincerely hope he does. Hope it doesn’t prove a very expensive way to see the last of him; by my judgment he’s got more than that. But have suddenly become uneasy about it, and that judgment I speak of is not what it never used to be. Anyways; the past few days have had the chance to get notable work done on the course project, which pleases me no end. ~~~ Saw the sequel to the first ‘Lord of the Rings’ film, at the Imperial. Three hour film that felt like two, left a remarkable impression. A better predecessor to it, but absolutely worth our while. Soon as I’ve had the chance to take in the third and final film, I might get hold of the books and read them. Serious defect in my studies, obviously. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.