Out for a good run in the evening. The headline of many a past entry perhaps, but I find it hard to suspend my joy with this activity. Especially when the effort is hardly worth the while, which is how it was tonight. Granted, the distance is far from great. Still I make good use of that time, no matter how little it really is or how short it may feel. Anticipate the longer trips, but sadly it seems the winter’s taking a turn for the worse soon enough. Hope it won’t last us long; have taken to being nestled against the city by the morning train around eight, emerging from the Norreport Subway stairs into a quickly fading dusky morning. Soon there will be sun-rises with the entrance into the city on that very train. That’s my time, probably will be from now on hence. Dread the cold nowa­days. From my stay in Los Angeles, is my guess. Even today ventured outside fully overdressed, with my winter vest under the heavy jacket. Good choice for this early afternoon, but only due to our weariness in getting anywhere; walking very slow, on account of the girlfriend feeling queasy and with a pain to her stomach. Haven’t felt good throughout the weekend, poor thing, though she managed to get on the better side of it by the end of it. ~~~ Will find Bo by my side at work on the morrow, as he accepted the chance I came to offer of a temp-job with the department. Had serious thoughts not to give it to him. Inte­fering with what’s not any of my business, etc. Then thought of the five thousand I lend him and put in the call. So he’s hired gun of the week, can live with that I suppose. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.