As slow as the January month appeared in its progression – or lack hereof the February one speeds by. Only shorter by four days, but it feels like only half a month, not twice that period. Which is good, for there’s a lot to look forward to, I must say. Am busy working away on my course pro­ject, which is shaping out nicely. Have no idea to its merits, but I do feel as if I’m learning something new just about every day I work on it. Amble time, even, as for the way it looks I won’t be tending the final exam until the end of April, a decent two months away. Once again pleased with that; time to make it work, make it right, and really turn in something I’ll feel ready to defend in my own honor, when the time comes. On an altogether different note find myself contemplating future times in regards to the present. It seems highly unlikely I’ll be with this present company for longer than a year, year and a half. Not unless I come across benefits associated herewith, but just what they might be I find hard to determine. The thing is this, that what this education stands for is not something I’ll ever be able to practice, not with this department. And I don’t think I could very well sit back and just let so and so much hard work go to waste, when I should be putting it to good use. No challenge in the former. So what’s left is to seek a different one altogether. Have a certain idea of just what that might be (“work hard, you’ll have a good chance etc. remembered). For now will con­centrate on the course project. No good sense in getting too far ahead of myself, here. All good things truly come to those who wait (and work hard, etc.). ~~~ Brief talk with sis on the phone. Apologized for not having gotten back to her of late, then she apparently harbored same notion and apologized back. Will have them over for dinner, and soon as possible. Talked about kids, in parcicularly having them. Seems she’s rocked in her faith, alledgedly by now means of pressure from her Thomas, though I fail to see who else should’ve put the ideas in her head. She notes she’s going on thirty-one with a quick in her step, so to speak, and I can’t deny her as much. Then took to taking no sides in the debate she’s in with herself – she’ll work it out by herself. Offered a baby’s dressing table left over in Thomas’ office by the previous occupiers, an offer I took her up on. Should well enough lead to a conclusion as to my own thougths to the matter; believe I settled those a bit of a while ago. Good to talk to her again. Too far between, my calls. ~~~ Took the Saturday off, in favor of wasting time in the presence of Bo and Thor. Company excluded, a bit of a waste of time. These outings of playing a simple computergame leave me with less and ever less, there’s little to be gained here, anymore. Will take a decent time to get around to that again, and when I surmount to spending that kind of time will make it an hour, not much more. Should much rather sit down with Thor and watch a movie, or go for a run, or both. Better value for my time. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.