Read through the first hundred pages of ‘Ideas and Notions’, a volume of gathered letters and public speeches by Albert Einstein. The validity of the material shines through in light of the current international crisis-situation. Thus he mentions the plight of the League of Nations, the forum of which in latter time has come to embrace the future role of this world. In his ever humble opinion he wants every major international decision to be conferred through the council; I second that by all my heart. The desire of one nation to take up arms against an enemy that has not been thus sufficiently declared by all will have the effect of gasoline to a fire. One does not promote good faith in a people by exchanging a dictator with a governing body when said people have not had their say. Any such exchange will bring about confusion, anger, hatred, as always occurs when decisions are brought down upon us, without the means of our protest. Were it so the people are weary of their govermnent and live imprisoned, in constant fear of spea­king their mind or putting an honest pen to paper, this is an utterly regret­table notion – but it is not sufficient grounds for outside inter­vention. The people must themselves oppose to their poor condi­tion, and themselves shape that opposition and force a change of national heart. For an outside interference to do this on their behalf is equivalent of setting them aside influence and basical­ly leave them without an identity of their own, in their own country. And who are we, at any rate, to argue we know what is best for them? Them must make the call themselves, or we’ll leave them with nothing to say as to their own condition. The anger and hatred will not go away, rather escelate beyond borders and minds, as others come to realize they may not be hidden from the reach of this lone nation abovementio­ned. They in turn will seize their attempt at preemptive strikes: a strategy that’s been pounded into them by way of the arms brought against them and justified in this fashion. The escelation has begun; I’d rather not learn where it’ll end. Different would be the situa­tion where seizing arms against a nation has been sanctioned by all, through the United Nations. No individual country or region (‘the Western World’) can then be labelled ‘the enemy’. There will be the world to hate, not just a fraction of it – well that’s too much for any one to bear. Would one rather take up arms against a single enemy, instead of a hundred and fifty, united in the same purpo­se? Herein lies the difference in immedi­ately seizing arms against an invader as opposed to pondering the futility in fighting a battle that cannot be won, and instead taking a long hard look at the grounds as to why such a united world would bring pressure to bear upon you. Preferably arriving at the conclusion that the reasons for this were valid ones. No single country is in itself capable of renouncing the fact that it goes to war not because of motivations akin revenge, fear or hatred; there has to be a forum of countries to do that, for this coun­try. Quite like an accused is put before a jury who does not know him or her and are therefore not painted with the beliefs of his or hers. We cannot see outside ourselves, try as hard as we may. If we believe we’re in the right, naturally that’s how we shall respond; but we won’t actually know we’re right until others tell us this is so, if not they chose to tell us dif­ferently altoget­her. Until then, any conflicts we assume supported only by our own convic­tions amount to little but those of word against word. Rarely is a just winner declared with these kind of batt­les. Revenge is a terrible reason to start a war on. Fear and hatred near worse. The former by its own principle justifies the cause of it, the latter condems its supporters as irrationals and ignorants. Alas, the way the tide turns, it seems very unlikely the Americans will not go to war with the Iraqies, for what seems like very un­healthy reasons. Equally hard it seems to imagine the effect this will have on the world as we know it this day and age. I have not been alive for very long, yet others who have inform me this kind of scanario has arissen before. I have enough foresight to know that we will again and then again, though remain enough of a pacifist to hope this particular one will be avoided. But I do fear it won’t, and pray the consequences will be as mild as possible. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.