Watched the Oscar’s at Bo’s until six o’clock in the morning. Still haven’t managed to come up with the money he owes me – makes not even a mentioning of the fact, the sonofabitch. Deliberately missed the bus to work, went back to the apartment and found the girlfriend there, ready to move out. Should pro­bably ride to Copenhagen with her more often than I do, yet somehow fear I won’t get as much work done as I do, nor get up as early as happens. Have managed to take a few days’ off, from some savings in didn’t even know I had. Supports the final work on the course project, to be handed in on the seventh of April. Look much forward hereto. Went around Thor’s to get my handheld computer back, and even was given a bottle of something for that no-kind of favor. Had him over to watch the formula one race out of Malaysia; seems he’s a fan as well. ~~~ Watching a lot of news-hours, naturally. Saved a few papers from the war’s official beginning, will save them with the others. ‘Official beginning’. Believe like many others that in reality it started a year ago, with a decision that was never meant to be changed even through that whole UN charade. Every reasonably intelligent fellow I’m pressed for an opinion on the matter ponders the illegetimacy of it all, yet the other fifty percent of the population favor it; conclusion draw thy self. So far no greater number of casulties, never the less I fear that’s bound to change over the next, brief while. America will find itself guilty of a gross underestimation of the Iraqi forces and their fear and hatred of their invader, and it’ll lead to a damn mess. The Turks moving into Northern Iraq, anti-American demonstrations that’ll easily overrun em­bassies and spark fear necessetating action in Arab leaders, those sort of things. Who spelled out ‘chain-reaction’. Has me going over the old concept of mass influence. The danger in taking for granted that what’s in the news is necessarily right, and in not questioning our leaders and delving deeper into the reasons behind their decisions. These are only men and women, who work by the same mechanisms as do the rest of us; they are not alawys to be trusted, and certainly not with our lives. I am, for the record, highly disappointed in those with whom I trusted my vote in the previous election. Next time over will make a better choice. Until then have hopefully not too many days of war to go through on the news. ~~~ Last night of frost came and went. Spring around the corner, it tells. Time to get a different set of clothes from the closet. Rediscover a few moments involving a bit of a warmer climate. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.