Good to have the month over and bygone. The financial impact was greater than expected, as I seem to have supported the girlfriend in her endeavors. Am concerned about the irrevocable impact of this year’s tax returns; will most defini­tely not prove to be a cheque in the mail, as happened to be the case with previous years. So am saving my pennies for that joyful occasion. Will have to wait and see if there’s enough in the bank for a holiday abroad, this year, though there’s till June to learn of that. Meanwhile am faced with handing in the course-project, this Monday next. Spending my time polishing and prin­ting, the latter especially. Working out of several programs that I’ll learn tomorrow if will print decent diagrams or not. Will be ever so glad to have it over and done with. Won’t mean the end of my freedom, sts – still lingers the twenty-eighth, when I’ll meet this Flemming Bislev and his censor colleague head on in the defence of my time and devotion. Still, turning it all in and letting it go will mean a grander deal of time on my hands, and I admit to being hardly able to wait. ~~~ Financial and scholarly worries aside, I believe there are greater concerns to be dealt with at present. When more than half the population of this country still finds it worth our while to wager a war despite consequences so great I find it hard to ponder trivialities of any given kind at the moment, then that’s – this is – the time to react in favor of peace and oppose warfare of any kind. Will write the letters and make my voice heard and known, and try and allow less room for satisfaction with myself in this area, for as long as the conflict rages. Damn discraceful behaviour from our prime minister has me fazed. His reason has gone entirely in favor of financial issues, and foreign politics has been left out to dry. Damn disgrace. Won’t find my vote again, will he. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.