Up to ninety percent of my longue-capacity is mine again. Am guessing two-three weeks before I’m back at a hundred, but for now, it’s better than waking up and having trouble breathing. And getting the crap scared out of one, certainly. Ninety percent I’ll take any time of the day. Tomorrow exam day. Have little notion how it’ll fare. Call from Thor, checking up on me. Mentioned the icehockey world series, but didn’t drop by of fear I’d make him come down with something. Offered a few tips on the exam, which was nice of him. Will get together with him soon, very soon, and do something. Cleaned out the place. After four days of laying in bed ’tis was well needed. Girlfriend finished her assignment, will send it in Thursday. Will see if I can’t take a half a day off, and assist her in that. Maybe go out tomorrow Monday. Seems like a bit of a while ago. Should think about painting the rooms, and make a new step for the kitchen. So, this is it? I gather so. Slow recovery awaits. Am planning to revel in it, even. Recover from the exams, which ever way that goes. Recover from the winther that seeemed to go on forever, and now is gone in favor of spring, and summer. Recover, most of all, from ridiculous thoughts of invincibility, of selfishness. Of the concept of ‘mine’, and ‘no one can ever harm me’. Recover from – ah, the banality – myself. Recover from myself. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.