Finished “Finding Darwin’s God”, by Kenneth R. Miller. After careful consideration have decided to agree with him, on all counts. If even it’s from simple ignorance, it’ll ring true: I do not know where everything began, and neither does anyone else. But I do know that the answers lies beyond our­selves, and all the science in the World will not provide the answer. We may dig as far deep into ourselves as is at all possible, conquer the atom and the molecules and reinvent our­selves a thousand times over, this matters not at all when the answers to our most profound questions are beyond our reach – beyond the known universe. I have come to know and confide in a God who made me, and gave me the free will to love him or push him away as I felt it best. Yes, yes, everything holds a be­ginning, a middle, and an end; but the call is our own, when we want it to end, and how we want our life to procede. Free will. To wonder, to worry, to dream, to hope. It’s a wonderful co­existance with a God so caring as this. Most certainly it is worth hanging on to. The answers may not be ahead of us any time soon, but the complexity of life, thankfully, does not depend on them. So we’re free to love, to laugh, and live life according to the best of our abilities. And, I must admit, that’s how far as I care to take it. The kind of progress needed to someday under­stand who made us, well it’s not ours yet and won’t be for at least another century. So frankly I see no reason to carry it further than the above. Others will and may ponder the subject harder – best of luck to them. For my part will focus on celebra­ting free will and all that comes with it. Now the exam is over and it’s a result I will be proud of, four years of studying put behind me. And the Summer is pending, and looks like it’ll be a good one. Have decided to try and raise a kid or two with the girlfriend. In conclusion, there’s just so much to look forward to. I must be some kind of lucky man. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.