Did an overview of the finances in the evening; greatest event of the day. Looks alright to me, but then again I’m still waiting for that tax-return to come in, would very much indeed like to hear what these people have to say. Then realize they’re probably fully booked and I had better wait and bide my time, anyway. And save some money towards the day when it arri­ves. Am guessing at a minus in the range seven to eight thousand, but have little idea and less inclination to go over the numbers again. Happen what may. ~~~ Relatively quiet day. Call from the girlfriend, staying over another day or two at her parents’, on account of a stomachache unwilling to depart. Planning away after that visit with the physicatrist I sent her to, is she. When she gets back will sit down and have a serious talk – maybe get the time to prepare something first. Listen to me – going for the big presentation, executive wannabe. Sis dropped by, went for a run in the rain. Slow pace enabled pleasent conversation, got back and planned ahead and will be out again Tuesday, after a stop at Willy’s Market. ~~~ Never got out for wallpaper, sat it out on the porch instead, in the sun with a good book. Magnificient feature to this apartment, that veranda. Went for supplies, including a chance purchase of ‘Happy Cola’, five for ten, at some foreign-language mini-market. Not bad for the price, thought I found it necessary to decant the cans to a class after opening them, lest the taste of aluminium should linger throughout the experience. Saw a movie to help me through the laundry, ‘A Guy Thing’, beat watching the dryer by miles. Jason Lee as the reluctant groom made me laugh out loud in many scenes, and Julia Stiles deserves a mentioning as well. A funny film, as best an adjective as may be said of a comedy. ~~~ A bit of studying to the day as well, and even playing the computer for an hour or so in the evening, ‘with the guys’ – not that I know any of’em personally, thought I doubt not that may be said for the most of them as well. It’s fun and games just the same, focus remains on being social on the web and having a good time, which certainly rings true as far as I’m concerned. Letting out steam? Ah, not so much as would seem to the innocent bystander, simply good for taking one’s mind off things. No closet right-wing-gun-nuts here. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Will go to work, then drop by the library with those comics I took out on a whim, some fortnight ago. How long has it been since I brought back a fun biography, should maybe shop around for a minute or two. Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.