Narrowly avoided the rain washing down on my way to work, then on my way back from same had hardly driven half a mile when it began to pour down bucket-loads and I rushed for the safe haven of some overhead at a nearby gymnasium. Sat there for half an hour, five minutes in of which realized the gates weren’t about to close so took out the book on programming I’m currently reading and sat down and read throughout the rest of the half hour. Fifteen minutes beyond those: Full sunshine, few clouds in the sky. I don’t get this Summer so far, but hope it’ll be less irrationel around the time my holiday starts. Reminds me, I’ll need to get in touch with Thor, hear his plans on our days up North so far. Will do that tomorrow. ~~~ Never got to the library, judged it timeconsuming for a tired mind that didn’t get any sleep at all last night. Should’ve gotten up, tried to read, go to work, even, but no, not I. Just laid there and tried my best to get som decent rest, at least. Very tired during the working day, then around half three it cleared up and I got on the other side of it. Call from the girlfriend, good to hear from her. Still on Funen. Hope she’ll feel better soon. At any rate, worked my way through the day and should’ve gone to the library anyways, seeming how I got stuck because of the rain. Back by six, resten on the couch till seven. Messed around with the computer until attending a meeting at that computergaming group I tend once in every while. Went online and eliminated a bunch of nazi’s, only to be eliminated an equal number of times myself. Fun and games, is all that it is. Should mention their ‘leader’, Claus Mortensen of Northern Jutland. Have been in correspondance with him for quite some time now, and he seems like a character with a grand personal surplus. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Will team up with sis and get some serious shopping done at Willy’s Market, the local Ralph’s as far as I’m concerned. Then be out for a run, her pace. Then there’s always work, of course. Won’t find it hard to fill the hours. Am hoping for a quiet day.