Longer weekend than most; National holiday Thursday, involuntary leave Friday. Went to work anyway, working away on that project for the Ministry of Education. Interesting and fun to do, and a little something that keeps me in shape programming-wise. Putting my education to use, i.e., and enjoying every bit of it. Worked on it in bits throughout the weekend, and when it’s over and done with will take a day or two off, on account of that. So, long weekend. Started it out by taking myself to a movie, a comedy, at the Palads. ‘Shanghai Knights’, a deliberate pick on its merits as a comedy – needed to relax and laugh out loud, simply. Jackie Chan, the Hong Kong action legend, doesn’t get younger as time goes by, but no one has apparently bothered to inform him of the fact. Owen wilson seems ready for more serious material, by my judgement. A good one. Friday worked, as mentioned. Took to bus to Norreport Station, got off and walked through Downtown at a slow pace, enjoying the Summer and the Sun, the energy and the drama and, hell, the lightly dressed girls as well. Late in the afternoon so the shadows grew longer and brought out a different set of details as I made my way. Straight into a McDonalds Restaurant for one of their strawberry shakes and BicMac that I had while waiting for the girlfriend to appear. Which she did near six o’clock; saw a movie, ‘How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days’, also at the Palads. A very funny comedy about the trouble we more often than not, given the times, struggle to fit both our professional and personal life into our tight schedules. Nailed the problem right on the spot, did this film, by way of a handful of very funny predica­ments I would not wish on my worst enemy. Laughed out loud along with the gathered audience in a number of places throughout the movie, a sure sign of the film’s succes. ~~~ Afterwards made a trip to the Sopavillionen, to check up on the admission opportu­nities for a concert the girlfriend had in mind to see. Voiced my protests to her suggestion that I followed suit, as the artist was most definitely not one I’ve ever admired; MC Einar, alled­gedly the man who introduced rap music to an unsuspecting Danish society. By and by was persuaded into the belly of the building, notably by her paying the admission. A good concert all in all, not such torture as I’d expected, rather the contrary. Still a bit baffled by her utter resistance to do something like this on her own, as I know from myself I’d find few obstacles in my way if I had a concert in mind, least of all the seudo-problem of finding someone to take me. But, never matter; as prior to the event we sat down for a chat in the suites upstairs, and a most fruitful conversation it turned out to be. Seems I’ve managed to voice my concern as to her current problems being directly linked to those in her childhood, the responsibility etc., so often that she’s now begun to contemplate those suggestions further than I’d thought she’d be willing to take them. Which is good, and defini­tely a progress from not taking it into consideration at all. Want to credit myself with that effect, but of course the hard work was – is – all done by her. Now hope she’ll hang on to the notion, work with it, and let her therapist work her way to the kind of mental revelation that lies buried in all of those frustrations. Damn good to have her conclude these things her­self, rather than being the one always pointing them out, only to have her not listening out of the basic fear of them. Remain convinced that my physical reactions stem from saying the same thing over and over again without seeing any effect what so ever, but if she now ponders the link between her present concerns and those of her past, then maybe I’ve done some good despite what seemed like a number of useless attempts. Like I’ve been pointing out to her also; helping her is helping myself. The timing is excellent; I think I’ve been very close indeed to giving up, in which case there would’ve been no relationship to uphold. If nothing comes from the sessions and this latest revelation, if she strays from following it up and working with it, going for the cause of it rather than the effects on her life, I’m not the one to say this may not still be the result. But right now it surely looks like she’s on her way to something better, a better life altogether, and that’s a wonderful way of looking at it. ~~~ This Saturday met up with Bo, went out to a local Surplus Store for a Summer Game to play out of doors throughout that season mentioned, came back with so and so much more that I never know I needed. Decently priced, true to the concept of the store. Must say about him, Bo, that of late he has gotten to look older; no doubt on behalf of financial and job-wise concerns. Can’t say I wouldn’t react in the same fashion, given the circumstances. Or…? In many ways his is an irresponsible life; and I do not think he concerns himself much about the certain social responsi­bility we all adhere by, some more, some less. I’ve often won­dered about his wishes as to his future. What does he strive for? Is there a clear goal in mind? I reckon not. I’m guessing he’s satisfied with his life as it was just before he was forced by the management to quit his job: Independant, carefree, steady income, lots of time to play on his computer and read the old superhero-magazines. Ah, those are all his choices and I shouldn’t concern myself. He’ll work it out. ~~~ A brisk run in the evening, half an hour’s worth. The Summer nights lures all in favor outside, was greeted by a number of them, in an equal number of fun ways commenting my physical efforts in opposition to their idleness. Good to be back out again. Ever since Bertel at work succeeded in convincing me that knee-injuries find a hard time getting to be permanent, I’ve in fact been free of pains to those joints. Once again, it seems that it’s all in my mind. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Will drop by Thor’s and watch the Formula One Motor Sports, this time around racing in the streets of Monaco. Later in the day try and see if sis and boyfriend Thomas are free and willing to join the girlfriend and myself for a glass of champag­ne and straw­berries, celebrating yours truly’s exam. Somehow something always seem to get in the way. And will work some more on the ministry project. Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.