A day of mixing work with pleasure. Read big chunks of a book on programming the internet, invertwined with I, a man in his late twenties, playing out missions of a computer-game. A calculated waste of time, this, so won’t beat myself much over the head about it. Rather play it out, so to speak, and turn to other more beneficial interludes of my life, safe in the know I’ve had my share of fun for this round. The girlfriend got back from her meeting friends Downtown, arranged in honor of her soon-to-come birthday – went and did some minor shopping, stopping on the way to admire the hanging of one of her works in a nearby gallery, mentioned in yesterday’s entry. Very much out front, for all to see. She’s so proud she’s ready to explode. In the evening watched a movie, rerun for me, ‘A Guy Thing’. With Jason and Julia, Lee and Styles respectively, won’t do a great review safe state the obvious, that I didn’t mind it much as to prevent a second screening. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.