Once again did not find my bicycle where I left it. Shrugged it off like a dog would shake a flee; with what I paid for it, I can afford to have it removed. Of course it’s also worth considering, in judging that reaction, that it was falling apart on me. Best of luck to whichever asshole made away with it. ~~~ Not too appealing working day. Banged my head into the wall, figuratively speaking, throughout. Though never very much rest­less about it; value for money, the time spent, lack of progress despite. Came back and did my five kilometer stretch, and the girlfriend had dinner on the table almost the minute I was out of the shower. Made a conscious decision to piss away my evening, and adhered to it. By the end of it – bad timing – began to rearrange the mess on my desk. Will put the small rolling shelf together; one more place to hide what I can’t bear to look at. Quiet evening. Probably in part to our turning off the phone, so the girlfriend wouldn’t be interrupted in a movie she had wanted to see. Wrote a letter to her mother and feared the reaction, which should’ve set in by now, to her resigning her post. Basi­cally a cry of ‘you should be more supportive’, to the best of my knowledge. Can’t see it happening; thirty years of screwing her daughter out of her childhood, and now she decides to make it up? Hardly. Anticipate fierce fighting and high seas ahead. ~~~ Will make it a short week, dismissing myself from work Thursday and Friday, on accont of having worked on a project at home on weekends and so an. Even today deposited another hour I otherwise wouldn’t know how to cash, safe secure the freedom of the brief working week. Tomorrow Tuesday; not too much to do at work, thankfully gives me time for those head-banging sessions. Am hoping for a quiet day.