Well, enjoyed the four days off as much as they were worth. Have managed to read at length, and generally get around to promoting those interests I deem worthy. Saturday intended for celebrating the girlfriend’ thirtieth birthday on Funen, went over better than expected. Mum and Dad came over and it was good to see them again, and talk to them, though Mum was having one of her not-so-good days. All in all a decent affair, I could’ve wasted my time in worser ways, sts. The girlfriend seemed happy about the whole thing, of course the major success-criteria of the day. And her grandfather came out for a dis­cussion on every-day ethics and Darwin, Marx et al, and by the girlfriend’s later accord a fling of an argument had her mother at the best of her ‘a little timid, I’ll just move out of the way’-behaviour, a welcome surprise past the great fuss she’s lately been the center of. Find it easier to talk to her when she’s scared of saying the wrong thing, as she keeps the point­less observations to a bare minimum. Won’t go looking for a deeper meaning on, say, the Israeli-Palestine conflict here, and were it not for the girlfriend’s account of the lack of support – to say the bare minimum of a least – of the time when she became unexpectedly pregnant, I would probably be tempted to feel just a bit sorry for her. Pleasent day over, I’ll mention, a two-hour drive along Sis, her Thomas, and cousin Thor. Good company all around. Entice me to join her for a longer run, sis, who’s set on a Marathon, apparently. Will try and find a time and day and take her up on that. ~~~ Thinking back to the old family congregation gathered in celebration of a major birthday or confirmation, usually at Hersom. These years I’m getting to look at it all from the other side, the ‘adult side’ so to speak, and it’s a fascina­ting view, in lack of a better word. It’s with these events I begin to understand the ties she feels, the girlfriend; as I – one thing I would never admit to in conversation – sense the strength of a community, or at least the sensation of being a member of a community. Contrary to most often held belief it’s not to be immediately dismissed, though I’ve perhaps – probably – most likely – stumbled onto a community built on a rocky founda­tion. One acquaints oneself with one or two members, then meet them again under different circumstances, and for all one knows suddenly disentangeling oneself, if it is deemed necessary, becomes less than so easy as one would’ve liked, because one is involved. Two accounts, a) Do now under any circumstances treat this as an excuse not to take action if required, albeit easier said than done and b) do not take advantage of the concept, by preaching hell and high wates onto those who know little else besides it. ~~~ Read at great length throughout the Sunday; ‘Holy Land, Unholy War’ by Anton La Guardia, correspondent to the Middle East since the start of the first Golf War, nineteen-ninety. His few years in the area prevents him not from a comple­te summary from the earliest days onwards, neither allows him the luxury of preserving a neutral opinion as far as I can read between the lines. Like his writing and only as far as a hundred and some twenty pages in have amassed a wealth of knowledge on the conflict. A good book, brought back ‘by chance’ but now not by regret. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.