Slept in till near eleven o’clock, this from having gone to bed around midnight. Don’t think it’s possible to speak of ‘jetlag’ when one has only been on a plane for a little more than an hour, then the waiting in the airports and so on and so forth, combined one gets a sense of having travelled longer than is the case. And the make-believe jetlag extends its reach. Good to get up, as well-rested as I seem to have ever been, at least of late. ~~~ A nice little trip to Prague. Could’ve shorte­ned it by a day and a half and got the same out of it, though it needs be said. Alla this old stuff began to get the me in the end; such a vast number of details I’ll never get around to admiring because of, well, their vastness in number. It’s a scenic city, but in my mind it has none of the atmosphere of Paris, mainly because it doesn’t have the space that Paris has and because it’s pace is slower – or it’s temper less firy, I should perhaps rather say. The comparison is of course grossly unfair, but never the less in hindsight I’d’ve rather spent my money in Paris. Even though this would’ve proven costlier – Prague, for all the youngsters yielding the latest in Nokia cell-phone models, is a very cheap city for the average tourist. Public transportation is a mere fifty crowns for a three-day pass with tram, metro or bus. And the restaurants proved a regular sweepstake – for example, with our last night we took to dressing up and going out, and for three-hundred crowns we got a main course, desserts, coffee, wine, water, cokes, plus extras. That’s just impossible to beat anywhere I’ve till now known. Plus, most of the attractions – old towers, castles, etc. – cost very little to see, some even come for free. Over our first three days saw much of the inner city, around the old Jewish Town and the Town Hall Square. Was up on the Karl’s Bridge many a times, the far end of which separates the Jewish Town from the old Castle from which the city originally sprung (would’ve named most of the scenes by name, if I could only remember their Czech designates, alas by a majority utterly unpronouncable to me). Fell into the odd tourist trap whence we went – only hope I, on my own, perso­nal account, didn’t fall completely overboard. With each late afternoon or early evening back to the hotel to relax, and sleep in so as to near miss the breakfast, kitchen closed at ten. The ‘Thereze’, not bad for a two-star but not striving for star number three, either; was glad enough that I’d booked the days on a waiver, thus agreed to stay in any hotel, decided upon our arrival: Saved me three hundred where I’d originally had in mind to book the very same hotel. At any rate; as decent a holiday as I imagined it would be, for the kind of money I paid. Was good to walk much; tired me, and I slept soundly throughout. Waking up and feeling as refreshed as ever, a very basic feeling I’ve come to appreciate more lately. Sunday being our last day; deposited our luggage and went seperate ways on different priorities. Walked up to the Mala Strana-area and up the hill, a tremendously steep climb, arduous task yet rewarding a breathtaking view. And few tourists, which pleased me the more. Found a miniature copy of the Eiffel Tower at the very top, paid my way up the some three-hundred steps towards an even better view of the Czech capital. Proceeded to near loose myself in a hall of mirrors, before heading back down, through the old part of the city. Came across a young nun, on her walk. Looked so serene, did she, I was overcome with an equal sense of belonging to God’s Earth and a desire to be so serene myself. By the end of the day was over­powered by physical desires instead; shopping duty-free to my heart’s content at the airport. Up, up and away in a propellar-plane, first time in one of those. Back in Copenhagen around ten, cleared customs and made for the train to Sweden. Three contries in two hours; felt a bit dizzy setting foot in Malmoe, the kind of displacement sensation one usually need be away a longer duration of time to work up. Despite the brief time we were gone, apparently the cultural differences held their own and allowed the above trick of the mind. Good to be back; good holiday, good to be home. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.