Went to bed early on the Monday evening, took to the couch instead of the enormous bed, and lo and behold, slept like a rock, right through till seven o’clock. Certainly an upper to my mood, instead of the downer of the last four restless nights. Good to be fully rested. ~~~ Twenty-eight degrees celcius today. Sat in the office, four processors running full blast through parts of it, with Thomas’ fan aimed at yours truly suffered perhaps less than some. Got out at half five, even on the train back rested comfortably. The heat, of course, had everything to do with it. Was walking down the main stint from the Central Station when Thor caught up with me, and I joined him for dinner at a nearby luncheonette. Spent a terrific afternoon in his company, retiring to his place to get the crap beat out of me in chess. Can’t remember when I last won one, even this afternoon threw a sure one away without thinking twice about it. He’s such a focused mind, or, should I say, a competitive spirit, he’ll go through a lot not to lose. Well, couldn’t beat him in chess, but managed to retire him in a jogging trip through the city, seven kilometers to a route unbeknownst to me, but certain­ly one I’ll try again, soon. Am perhaps in a tad bit better shape than I thought, or maybe he just ate too much pasta and felt that still in his guts. Was good to see him lose one, though, he’s one helluva bad winner – laugh. ~~~ Brief call from the girlfriend during the day, good to talk to her again. Reported of having almost left her folks’ even on the first day of her visit with them, as her mother acted up in ways she’d never seen before. Again and again acusing her husband of having an affair, when that’s probably what on his mind the least. So she’s the mitiga­tor once more, though this time around more readily willing to admit that the mum of her’s needs some serious brainwork or at least in need of some prozac or a similiar brand of pharmaceu­ticals. What a funfair. The proverbial merry-go-round. Glad I’m not there. Didn’t know when she’d be back, only hope she’s back safe and soon. In the evening put together a frame for her current painting, which hopefully will prove a pleasent surprise upon her return. ~~~ Call from the old man in the afternoon, praised his birthday gift that embarrasingly enough I had no idea what was – as Sis had gone ahead and bought it, and I had yet to get back her on what she got. Real good to talk to him again, of work and the weather and granddad and all kinds of things, and of joining them soon for a near week’s visit in the last week of my Summer holiday. Look forward to that quite a bit, must add. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.