Could hardly get myself out of bed; arrived around half ten at work. Not the best night’s rest ever, sadly. Managed the working day without the greater hassle, though, and got out early by my own desire, notwithstanding it was only half past two. But felt I’d done enough menial work, typing away for four, boring days, that I deserved the break. Met the girlfriend at the Central Station at three o’clock; weary from allergies bothering her to a great extent. Walked around in the Summer sun of the city, she brought up her trip back home and that was surely an entertaining one. Talked about this and that, and made our way back home. A quiet evening by the television, for once. Odd comedyshows and the likes. To bed around midnight. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Wrapped the pieces of the birdcage and will bring it to town, ship it out to an unsuspecting buyer. Will be damn good to be rid of the thing, has taken up enough space as is. Past the working day plan to pen some of my thoughts as to the above entry, the concerns and planning ahead. Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.