Well, wrote the letter of closure and printed it out and now have it and hope I’ll never need it. Call it an insurance policy, a letter of retraction, call it whatever you like, as long as I don’t have to use it I’ll be alright with it. ~~~ A good, long weekend. Idled away to the best of my abilities. Did very little in preparation of the move, then it’s six weeks away and there’s no reason to sprain anything over it – yet. Packed away some vhs films and books that I’ve never read and propably never will – bought at sales back when my reading skills were not up to par, so to speak. Should perhaps get rid of them – such as I may try to sell various items I would rather see someone come and retrieve as opposed to moving it myself. Old TV-set, glass-desk of thirty kiloes, old futon bed that’s been in the basement for a year, those sort of things. Hope to get rid of it all in due time. ~~~ Out for dinner and a movie on Saturday. ‘Legally Blonde 2’ at the Royal – too ludacris to be taken anything near seriously, and the jokes were far between. Did manage to establish a certain mood and maintain it, but, well, it was closer to being a bad movie than a good one. One of those primarily made for children, out of a patriotic wish to promote democracy and the American way. Good dinner, though. Steaks at the local Jensen’s. Cousin Thor would not agree to it, but I can’t taste the difference between these and the two-hundred and fifty crowns steaks he bought us on Bornholm. Back and dazed indoors the rest of the day, not to mention this one. Played around with the computer and stuff like that, and saw ‘Two Weeks Notice’, with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. Better than the first film of the day. ~~~ Idle days, by my own choosing. Slept better than was the case throughout the week, even this day managed to stay in bed until eleven – nine entire, uninterrupted hours. Was out for a run, the best one this year so far, slow but very steady indeed. Good to relax, take a load off. God knows there will be plenty of details to tend to, in the months ahead. Good to have the time to do them right; renting my own place out from first of October, rather than September. Will be a bit of paperwork involved, but nothing that scares me in the slightest bit; a matter of just starting out and let things work themselves. Which, I may add, is usually what scares those who shy from dealing with these matters, the initial bother. Some will rent a house or apartment for all of their lives, because they are incapable of buying – not because the bank won’t let them, but because they’re afraid to talk to the bank, ridiculously scared of being forever indebted, etc. And though they may rent a home, they’ll not find it to sublet it themselves, if they’re away for a long time – too much hassle. Well not so much as would seem, and I anticipate no problem that would have me considering this thing otherwise. A little under a year before I sell, in order to support my investment. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.