Went and saw the apartment on Frederiksberg; greeted by subletter Kent in the door to the hallway. A very nice man indeed, and the place went beyond my expectations. Built in nineteen ninety-one by those of a certain vision; not one, i.e., of the usual red brick and square shapes. The courtyard in itself was worth a visit, with its fountain and cafe tables and chairs brought out for the sake of the sunny day. Overlooked by the flat, as ’twere, by way of a grand balcony. Besides the balcony the apartment featured a modern kitchen with all appliances, and a bathroom with a laundry-machine – applauded by the girlfriend, this. A very bright apartment, actually, with light coming in at all places. Had just a very good feel to it, and will do my best to hurry the paperwork along, in our favor. I know she’s dying to get out of Sweden, so the sooner we can move in the better. ~~~ Met up with her at the Norreport Station, where she could tell of a well-over-with doctor’s visit; nothing seems to be wrong whatsoever, thankfully. Walked the main shopping throughfare in search of birthday presents for her girlfriend Sheila and her husband Claus, whom we’ll be visiting over the weekend. On Funen – long traveltime and costly tickets, I can’t say that I’m thrilled about the prospect. Dropped her off at the Grand Central, myself went to the movies – saw ‘the Italian Job’ at the Imperial. Nice little remake of the Michael Caine classic. A heist caper with no deeply emotional work from any of the actors involved, but worth the admission just the same. Charlize Theron always deserves a mention, by her beuaty alone – she’s a damn pretty lass. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.