Reports of a major blackout in New York City. One reporter spoke of his experience of being at Times Square, with no lights worth mentioning on, lest to mention the neon. Remember well that intersection and the New York New York sensation it instilled in me, even in that blizzard I still recal so well; that was some crazy weather. Can imaine how the New Yorkers will have taken this; millions evacuating their workplaces and public transportation coming to a halt. One powerout and they’re ready to lynch the major. I think New Yorkers are the closest thing one comes to Italians in Rome, to their temper. All that Italian and Irish temper, it’s a catalyst for the reputation of short fuses that NY hasn’t injustly gotten hold of. Would much like to visit the metropol again some day – I gather that by now I’ll be able to legally stay in the country again, given my records have been cleared. It’s a place quite like no other. ~~~ In the evening did my best to idle my time away, given that I’ll not be given a chance towards that tomorrow Saturday, where we’ll join some of the girlfriend’s acquaintances on Funen throughout the day. Can’t say that I’m looking much forward to this, but I’m required to go so there’s no say on my part in it. Only hope the food is decent and the drink plentiful. Opened up the computer for the gang to download what I have in movies and such lying around. Did I mention this? Have joined a band of merry brothers from all over in participating in several squirmishes of the second World War, on the computer, i.e. Have known them for a few years, now, and this other week signed up for a membership. Sundays and Mondays in the evening will do my utmost to act upon the call of duty. All fun and games, of course, no pressure nvolved just good company. Have held many conversations with them on a chat-client and via emails, and feel as if I know them well by now, though we’ve never even met in so-called real life. But that’s just how the internet works its mysterious ways. Am thankful for having gotten the chance to meet them. Originally introduced by Bo, as a matter of fact. Though he has still to voice news of his plans to repay me what he owes, despite the many months gone by, at least in some respect he’s paid me back a little. ~~~ Have begun to work on the café project, after finishing the volume on the new web-programming technique. Seems very much like it’ll pay off, I am able to structure my code and really get some work done by way of structured code, even when I’m not by the computer. Before, there was no simple way to go about it. Like the progress I’ve made, and will look forward to get on with it. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.