~~~ Did the girlfriend’s party thing on Funen. Long drive but got enough work done to satisfy my conscience. That and this entry saw to not too much time-waste. Ah, hell, what it all came down to was a trivial affair, in fact not so boring as I’d feared. Managed to strike up conversation with one or two individuals, and they were folks of sufficient experience for me to pick up one or two tips to keep. But then have always managed to come away from a fresh encounter with something new, haven’t I. All in all not so terrificly boring as I could’ve feared, and I do not consider the day a total waste. The hosts’ house was certainly worth admiration, as the man of the pair along with friends – all folks with their hands screwed on right, as the Danish saying goes – had done much to improve the interior, and the result was absolutely marvellous. Could certainly find it in me to envy one with such abilities, and the kind of experience in his field that has made him so good at what he does best. Apparently, all the free time to his disposal goes into the house, well, definitely to avail. Claus and Sheila, their names; seem like good people with the best of intentions to offer this World, and that and their dedication towards it will prove infinitely valuable to all of us. ~~~ Not too much to be said of the day. Journeyed out, saw new faces, moved home again. Back late, but who’s to care when tomorrow’s our Lord’s day off. Will dispose of the grand shelf to one buyer who’ll pick it up around two; again, thank God I won’t be moving it when October nears. Will try some more to sell the other items I can’t see myself in need of, much less be willing to move either. A closet, the old bed, two more shelves and even my trusty old Samsung television. Perhaps won’t find buyers for all of them, but getting rid of the shelf is a good start. Sunday, Sunday. Inspired by aforementioned God the Lord himself will rest for a spell, as I may have been in need. The Friday of the week actually managed to fall asleep on my keyboard at work; scared the pants of myself as I woke up and had to grasp for support. Will see a film: taped ‘Rogue Trader’, with Ewan McGregor as the trader who single-handedly brought about the collapse of the Barings Bank of England. Given time will do something about the current project, and try to implement what I managed of work this day. ~~~ Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.