Uneventful weekend as such. Though, saw Bo at his place for some serious computergaming, that left many dead and countless wounded. Dropped by later with his cat, as his apartment was being reviewed towards a sale. No news on that front, but should be a matter of time. His plans after that seem still erratic, but who in his position can plan anything. He’s in good spirit, seemingly, which is nice. ~~~ Dumb weekend for tending to arrangements. The man who was supposed to check out the Futon I’ve up for sale never showed up, as didn’t the guy who was meant to do away with my shelves. Lattermentioned did manage to call in sick on his girlfriend’s behalf, and even though this was actually after we were supposed to meet, I can find it to forgive him. This goes also for Michael, who was supposed to rent my apartment, with his girlfriend. Well, since he found her in bed with another man those plans have taken a backseat, as he gave away over the phone. Could be it’s a dumb excuse not to rent the place, but wouldn’t one come up with a less personal story? He sounded bitter enough for me to believe him, and thereafter feel rather sorry for the chap. Not many deserves this kind of thing happening to them, and he seemed like an agreeable fellow – even felt very sorry for me that he was not unable to take out the apartment, when he really should give more heed to his own situation. Best of luck to him. So, here’s to bad dates and broken engagements. At least so far has managed to get rid of my TV-set, but will need to get cracking on finding another subject to dine in my halls from October onwards; blast, and Michael and his worse half had already been approved by the board of the housing complex, Oh well, nothing to do but get moving, sts. Oan wrote Kent a latter enquiring as to the progress of setting up a contract pertaining to our takeover of his place on Frederiksberg. Would love to hear from him soon about that. ~~~ Worked on the project for bits and pieces throughout the weekend, and saw sufficient progress. This new programming model becomes me well still, and I look forward to the undoubtedly many hours to come. ~~~ Myself, well, am feeling much better of late, certainly better than I’ve felt it in a long time. Though sleep catches up with me late, I do seem to get my share. Am doing the seven to eight kilometers on a regular basis still, and this also does me very well indeed. Was out yesterday, ran alongside the water and a most spectacular sunset I’d otherwise travel far and wide to catch. Feel a lighter head now, and am able to trust myself further than was the case just this other month. Can think of no alteration but time passing that should’ve brought this about, so there’s seemingly light ahead in the tunnel. Well I like that, I like the concept of that, and if that’s what it takes I’d like to welcome it, and make it feel right at home. ~~~Tomorrow Tuesday. Must remember to talk with the landlady about some minor repairs. Am hoping for