Big headlines in all papers – “The King is Dead”. The queen, in this case; Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh, stabbed to death in some mall in Stockholm. Poor girl. Mother of two. Magnificient smile. Am sorry to say I never heard of her much until now, for everyone, everywhere has only good things to say. Had a bit of a talk about it on the bus with the otherwise close-enough-to-be-annoying regular neighbour (her claim). She lets me know everyone is in such shock because they knew this woman well from television and other newssources, many had voted for and put their trust in her, and in this way she was in their hearts, maybe not by much but enough to notice that it’s now not there anymore. She’s right, annoying lady, she’s absolutely right. I suppose we should try to be simililarly affected when something like this happens to others who are not public figures; but I beg to differ. She was democratically selected to serve a democratic party of a democratic country, and this makes her sacrifice and untimely death more important, more felt, than with others. One crazy man has killed not only a bright individual, but in his own way, without our approval or sympathy, turned this fine country that Sweden is into his own anarchy. We – I – object to that, also, as we object to meaningless death, and sacrifices that are simply too great to bear. ~~~ Short working day yesterday, enjoyed hours off saved for that purpose with my Wednesday, staying late to install a new machine and watch drunken hooligans slugging it out with second generation migration-workers. Spent those hours right and went to the movies. Saw – this after dropping a liter of coca-cola on the floor of the concession-stand – “Hollywood Homocide” at the Palads. Ron Shelton comedy with Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett, went down very well. Back around six, made love to my beautiful wife who apparently never felt better. A bit of work on the project in the evening. Have gotten quite used to working away with said girlfriend on the tv and phone at the same time, which I certainly could’ve accomplished, say, a year ago. Well good for me that I’ve adjusted, for it looks like I’ll be doing a lot of it. Constantly adjusting, but that’s what it’s all about, from here onwards. It’s a life of new experiences every day. ~~~ Weekend up ahead. Will throw a lot of stuff out of the basement, take some cabinets down in preparation of the move. Work on the project and idle some away, on a different account. First, though, this Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.