Blue-coller beginning of the weekend. Dragged some hundred kilos of garbage up and out of the basement and down to the skip – some of it left by the previous owner, though this a sad minority. Can’t tell when I began to accumulate such a mass of crap, but it seems like it began with the move – most of it boxes and furniture I’ll no longer find use for. Good to be rid of it, and it’ll certainly ease the transition. On the note of which, have yet to hear from Kent; hope it will not be very long, now. For my own part, sent the contract on the lease of my own apartment off, hope to sign it with the potential tennant Tuesday or Wednesday. Then have only to approve it all with the HSB people, and will be off on, well, on a new life. ~~~ Ran with cousin Thor, on a sixteen kilometer route of his choosing. Included a trip to what I’ll call “the King Fisher’s Island” of Malmoe. Was sorry to have only discovered it now. A good one, hadn’t counted on being in shape for this distance. Perhaps all just a matter of timing, had just had dinner an hour before the event and had had a lot to drink throughout the day. By his own account he’d done the trek some twenty times; but rarely at night-time, which I find to be a shame, as to missing out on the view of the Oeresund-bridge, heavily illuminated and with Copenhagen equally lighted as backdrop. ~~~ Met up with him again on the Sunday, going for a beer with him and Bo, after voting in the people’s election of the European currency (the result of which was a ‘no’, quite resounding I’m told). Last day of Summer, I think. No helping it. ~~~ One of those weekends for getting a bit of everything done. The majors I covered – the minors included working on the project, cleaning out amongst my financial papers, and making love to my beautiful wife. New week up ahead. Would like to see some things fall into place. Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.