Good work on the project; good to know what I’ve learned of Internet programming hasn’t vanised, with all the other stuff I’ve been on about this past time. Doing a little something for the Damage Inc. group, i.e. the fun and (computer) games group I’m a member of. Hopefully what I’ll do will be usuable with my own homepage as well. They’re a decent bunch of guys to know. Even this Friday will sit down for a beer with one of’em, GhostCom he calls himself. This and I haven’t seen the man yet, or known him by his proper name. What did we do about socializing before the Internet, I don’t recall. My kid will think I’m ancient when I try to tell of that time. Or her. ~~~ Reading ‘Babyhood’ by Paul Reiser, Standup Comedian turned SitCom-star turned author. Writes in a terribly witty way about having a kid. Not the most scientific approach, granted. Now, others may have opted for the Politiken’s ‘All you need to know about pregnancy and birth’, yet others may find comfort in seeking advice from all relatives and friends who’s undergone this process – but not I, oh no, I think I’ll go with the standup-comedian, yeah, he seems like he knows what he’s on about. And I get to laugh about it all instead of crying, and I must admit to liking it better that way. Call me crazy, but etc. ~~~ Meeting with landlady to sort out the paperwork on the lease. Damn nuisance, having to tapdance around her on this; but can’t be helped. Work on the project and in the evening out for my run. Am hoping for a quiet day.