Survived yesterday’s major blackout by way of a lift from sis, who took charge of Thomas’ Mercedes in our behalf. Thought it very nice of her indeed. Opted for a pizza dinner, alas the ATM’s were out and with no cash in sight had to pay in Danish dough, a thankful alternative. Dined on boxes in the apartment – all furniture packed. The guy who offered to take my old bed off my hands also offered to bring a few boxes back to Denmark along with the van he’ll borrow; enabled me to rent a smaller van towards the regular move, so to speak, and pay a little less in total, good deal. Saw Kent and got the last details in order, including the keys. Power’s on by Thursday, so all seems to work out towards the weekend as the definite moving day. Damn, will be good to see it all good and through. Recruited Bo, on another note. Good of him to come to aide. He finally managed to sell his apartment; well, “finally” indicates the month and half it took. Better the chance of him paying off his debts to cousin Thor and I. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.