Stopped by Malmoe to clear out the rest of the stuff. Brought it over to sis’. she and Thomas will drop it off at Frederiksberg later in the week to follow. Hate to ask more of them; they were helpful in the move already. Good to talk to her/them again. Had their pancakes for dinner, which was a while ago. ~~~ Move over and done with. Thankfully so. Was tired near the end of it, am still tired now thinking of it. Thank God one moves so seldom; once a year’s enough for me. Hired a van with a driver included, set me back some fifteen-hundred, of which the girlfriend gave half. So I guess that’s not that bad for two people’s move. Sunday came, and the guy to whom I had donated my old futon bed came back on his way to Copenhagen and we put the very last stuff in the back of his van. Got in as well, and rode there in the back of the car all the way to Frederiksberg. Got to remember getting in the back of the folk’s green Volvo, lying back and staring out of the rear window. Faking falling asleep so as to be carried inside. Four? Five? I remember these things and get the notion in my head that I might do a good job, being a dad. Why the hell not, anyway? Others have done a fine job, often with fewer resources that I at least have available. Won’t hide from the fear of losing control, but have an added tendency of ‘fuck it, bring it on’ that I deem right honorably healty. ~~~ Wednesday tomorrow. Will get out early if possible – though unlikely. there’s enough to do at work these days – and get home and rest a lot, finish the Steven Spielberg biography and mess around with whatever I turn my eye to. Opt for a bit of time to myself, of which I haven’t found much of, of late. Anticipate the weekend spent with the folks, though at the time of writing this it’s not yet a confirmed choice – work overload may prevent it. Remain hopeful – would do me well, I think, to get back and rest the number of hours I tend to sleep whenever I’m back there. Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.