Ended the visit with the folks. Had Dad take me to the Viborg trainstation, from whence proceeded the journey back. Took half the day off towards that particular purpose; suppose I’ll be tired near the end, as the night offered little sleep. Can’t blame reasons of the wandering mind: very quickly got into the old habit of twelve hour sleeps. Good to be back, and eqally beneficial to get back and into a different rythm; as one shouldn’t get into this kind of laid-backness, for immediate lack of a better word, too far. But good to talk with them again, and – nervousness despite – good to get some of the topics that have been bothering me out there in the open, and run some of them through my head. Also – and I’m aware of the ambiguity in this – good to find their endorsement of the changes to come. Not required, yet welcomed. In ways it makes a number of choices easier to make. The oddity; I shouldn’t need it. Yet I do. Earlier I would’ve rebelled against this, probably. Guess I’m experienced enough to recognize there’s no way out, in as much as parental influences will permeade a child’s life, later on that of the man of that child. If anything apart from the stargazing (through the folk’s binoculars – mental note, get a scope), I take this weekend brought an added awareness of that, and an increased will to embrace it, even. Am not quite there yet, obviously, but getting closer everyday.