Seem to get a bit of everything done with my time, a thankful addition to conditions. Don’t remember this kind of time on the other side, in Sweden – but I could get used to it. Odd to think of it, that it’s been near a month since we moved in here. Nothing has happened and yet everything has changed. Nothing in terms of basic conditions, everything in terms of location and transportation, and then – the time. To write again, to do away with it with a bit of idling, to work a few extra hours at work and on this project and then this, and sit down for dinner near every late afternoon. Was also out for my run again; the new – used – MP3 music player works wonders. No moving parts to it, so it’s unshakable, sts. Got it off some guy on Amager who’d been given another one for his birthday, at a third of the cost of a new, similar model. No kind of capacity to the memory card, but it’s upgradeable and in a year won’t cost much to upgrade either. Showed off for cousin Thor, whom I met for a drink and a talk upon his return from Aarhus, where he’d met some old friends from school, his days in Ikast. Went to an Indian restaurant off the Rådhuspladsen, later on at the Irish pub just around the corner, in the Scale complex. Or what’s left of it, anyways. Had too much to drink and so the conversation came loose in the end, so to speak, think he might say the same. Went over politics and the way of the World, and, oh, I think I may also have spilled my guts about my concerns, well, fears, of becoming a father. One he shares, by his own accord. Hope he didn’t feel I pushed him too hard on the subject, of sharing life with another. By the girlfriend’s advice should have, but am reluctant to do so – it’s fair and simple not by business, and I’ll make it my business not to bring it up too heavily unless he himself merits this. Damn good to see him again. Time and setting brought back fond memories of my talks with Mark, when he was around. Unhappy fellow – hope he feels better now, and am only sorry I wasn’t quite prepared to take his condition at face value, back then. ~~~ Busy, busy, busy. Will do extra hours at work, tomorrow and the Thursday as well. So be it, no sweat off my back, if that’s the proper saying. Fun episode this day; had a long talk with a Texan about technical details related to work, some guy flown in to check up on our use of their product for Internet based surveys. Can tell I’ll need a good few days to get back in the league of proper English speakers where once I held the stage – Los Angeles, naturally – but it was kinda fun to go at it again. Made my points and generally myself clear, so don’t think it a waste of my time and hope he felt the same. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.