Cold, cold, cold. Ran in the evening, will have to buy gloves. Also the bike requires oil, it’s audibly annoyed about the climate. So be it; the preparations commence. Funny thing about running in sub-zero temperatures, the heart is pumping blood like there’s no tomorrow but you don’t break out a sweat. What I find is that when I venture out in this cold, I’m able to extend my energy further than in warmer weather. Probably shouldn’t come as a surprise, but, hey, I’m easy. The MP3-player is a dream of a companion, incidentally. Load it up and fire away. ~~~ I have been, despite trying not go down that path, focused on worrying about the potentials mishaps concerned with childbirth. What could possibly go wrong, etc., which on the whole is a quite impressive list. Now I find myself embarrassed about it. Yes, a lot of things could possibly go wrong, but what about the potential for all that could go right, which far outnumbers the first-mentioned? That’s the way I try and live my life, all in all, i.e. waiting for the good things to come to me and trying my best to disregard or at least downplay the bad. In consequence I’d like to think I’m a happy person, not bogged down by all the shit in this World because I happen to believe that even though there’s a lot of it and some of it is really atrocious, there’s also a World of good out there, and given time it will always outshine the bad. This is important to remember, why, because when the shit hits the fan and we’re damn near down and out we’ll know by instinct that no matter how deep we’re in, things will get better. And that’s the promise of a better tomorrow, a better next week, next year, the life ahead for our children. I guess it’s also personally important to remember simply because it’s what I need to focus on some more, because that’s the spirit in which I want to raise this kid and, my God, when is there a better place to start than even before my son or daughter is born. I think not, which is why henceforth I’ll set the scene for a healthier frame of mind. I wouldn’t be honest with myself, with the way I have chosen to live my life, if not. Simple as that. ~~~ One of the bigger announcement at work today, with the boss going public about a merger with a sub-division of the Ministry of Education. Same sized teams joining up to handle whatever they used to handle, only under a common logo. Don’t foresee a grand change in routines, at least not by the kind of work I’m handling, but the shift in location and culture will generate diversion from the common working day I’m sure. This in its own time, well past the new year. Thankfully – have little time to spare to those kind of concerns now as is, the last few days have worked overtime to catch up with the different projects I’m part of. No stress – never any stress, when one can simply apply a bit more time and call in hired help when that’s no enough. Goes probably for tomorrow’s Friday as well, overtime, i.e. Will lead up to going to see ‘Kill Bill’ at its premiere at the Imperial, ages since I last went to one of those but have a good deal of knowledge about what to expect of the film so think I’ll be happy to kick back and relax with some mindless action among peers. Leads up to a hopefully quiet weekend. A bit of everything to do. First, though, last day of the working week. Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.