Arrived back home at twenty-one hundred hours. Past, I might add, a thoroughly uneventful working stint. Oh, well, the bit of personal correspondence throughout had me suddenly smiling, as for all I ever knew Bo managed to repay his debt to me in full, by his own accord. Of course the next day’s bankstatement will prove if he’s been true to his word, but since he’s come into a bit of money past the sale of his apartment I doubt not there’s money behind the promise. Took him a good damn year, in which he completely ignored the payment plan we’d agreed upon and never was one for keeping me posted on his financial affairs. I could’ve swallowed a lot of shit if only he’d kept me informed, saying ‘hey, you know, I can’t pay you right now because of this and this’. Guess he chose to offer the silent treatment, something to the effect of ‘I won’t tell him shit, he’ll guess I haven’t got any money by way of me not mentioning anything’. Well won’t do, and thankful as I remain to have been reimbursed I’m now and forever – as far as goes Jan Bo Klinke – sticking to Shakespeare’s old remedy. In case I forget throughout the years: “Neither a borrower nor a lender bo”. There, I’ve said it. Will keep it in mind. Will see him on that deal, Bo, this weekend actually. Saturday, after having spent some time with sis and her boyfriend Thomas. Will prove a boy’s night out to the near fullest extend, I belive. By choice of my own, this. ~~~ Many hours put in at work will offer time off at a later date. Preferably honing in on the Christmas, some eight weeks away. Lots and lots of time to do away with my projects. Notably the current script, of which I’m about a third of the way in, at this time. Damn good to be writing again. Past all my personal reassurances of “no, I’m not doing anything with it, it’s only and forever will only be a hobby” I’m full of good wishes towards it, and most definately keen on doing the best possible job. Full of care, I might needlessly add, towards the principal characters. A lot of it based on actual observations by way of tempjobs in and around Aarhus, ages ago. A lot of it autobiographical in nature, but where’s the harm or even way around that. For inspiration am reading ‘Which Lie Did I Tell’, by William Goldman. Am past agreeing with the form of his screenplays, as first of all I’m not about to argue in the open with someone who’s carried home two Academy Awards, secondly it’s by far more fun to concentrate on his observations on the fiction factory we call Hollywood (of which I’ve seen my share to write a book of my own) and, later on, his reasons and thoughts for and about becoming a writer of fiction. His is a straight-forward pen; cynical per nature, which appeals to me, for the obvious reason that I’m a bit of a cynic myself. Then suddenly he drops a bomb of contemplation, a profound reflection on his or others’ m.o. so as to make his readers stop dead in their tracks and ponder “there’s gold, here.” Also, and this on an equally positive note, this, it’s as uplifting to read about one who openly admits to many – most – of the same anxieties that I myself am juggling around, especially these days. The voice of experience, has managed to come through to the other side, sts., thus cleared the path for others – including yours truly. A good read, was glad to have bought if off Amazon’s website. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Busy day at work will have me staying at the office late, but with a clear goal in sight: the end of working overtime and taking some of what I’ve in the bank already and head for a few days off, working on those projects of my own. Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.