Finished the weekend. Felt better Friday, even better Saturday. As far as I can gather, I’m not the only one throughout this country who’s been the worse for the weather, but still am anxious to get rid of it. At least the sore throat didn’t last more than a day and a half, as I find that to be extremely annoying. Now left with a nose that’s blocked at times, as well as ears that act like I’ve just gone through a tunnel, blocking out sounds. Strange, how when there’s a problem with your nose, it goes to the ears as well. Completely different devices, but apparently somehow connected through that great form, our body. Will go to work tomorrow and count on some different germs to my system to see it through. Purchased, early Saturday before getting on a train to Funen, new sneakers towards the fullfilment of that hope. Have trodden my old ones down to the sidewalk, almost, will do my feet good to be in a new pair. Have a pretty good idea that running was the culprit as far as above-mentioned condition goes, so maybe it’ll do me right to put on some more clothes. ~~~ About that train: Did some family affair on Funen, of course friends and foes of Vibeke’s. Not the gruelling thing it used to be, I gather I got used to some of these people. Still can’t bring myself to care much, as – and I’m the one who’s sorry to admit to this – some of’em couldn’t hold up the other end of a decent conversation to save their lives. Ah, I’m being unfair, am I. What it did bring was an exercise in social tendencies and, noteworthy, a glimpse of a different layer of this society I don’t often get to explore. So could certainly find a way to make it useful to me, which is about the most I expect to derive from these invitations. A lot, i.e. The honesty, all said and done, prevails with these people. And where’s the harm in being just that. Too lonely a word as it is, I’m told. Billy Joel, excellent stuff on that one. “Turnstiles?” Will look into it. Am planning to please myself to a Christmas present from Amazon, that great shopping centre on the Internet. Books, movies, music, et al. Suddenly, and I beg parden for bringing it up at such an early date, there’s a world of stuff I need. Guess I’m much, much better at spending money than with the previous years of my life, of course affected by all that’s gone on this last half year. Before the train-ride went down the main shopping through-fare and noted several useless items I’d be more than happy to tear the wrapping off, come that twenty-forth of next month. Quality living? Damned if I know. Ain’t figuring out much, these days. Or – too busy learning new things about myself, enough to prevent me from actually dealing with it yet. Will be kinda’ interesting to see what’s in store, in that area of my life. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Will do me good to be back at work, back outside, back in the big scheme of things. Would very much like to go and see ‘the Human Stain’ at the Dagmar. Drama, Anthony Hopkins, Nicole Kidman. Gary Sinise. Am hoping for a quiet day.