Picked up my journal from the printing office this rainy day. Once more got a whole half an hour to pass by talking to this wonderful old man, Jorgen, about this and that and the ways of the World. Works at the office still, many years past his retirement-age, unpaid and just for the fun and hell of it. Gave him my card, on his request, hope to hear from him again. A grand character. Found they’d done wonders with those many loose pages I turned over to their care, some month ago or thereabouts. Had waiting for me one enormous, bound, green volume. Inprinted with my name on the back and the to- and fro-dates, 08-09-74 – 31-12-99 (which Vibeke thought gave the impression of an obituary, but I guess I’m still around so fooled the Gods on that one), in gilden letters. Finally arrived home through the rain – and my God did it rain, enough to drown smaller dogs – and opened it up, had a read through some of the pages, randomly selected. Liked very much what they’d done. All my money’s worth and then some. So now I’m published, without the greater fuss about it and severely lacking in readers, but still it’s a book and I’m the writer of it, so that’s a mark on this World I gather. Great, fun times had am now available at a touch, and certainly I’ll many times over find it worth opening this book up and looking inside and recalling great, glorious past times and the people who were there to make them so great and glorious with me. Thank you, all of you, whereever you may be. I would not be the same without your help. God bless you all. ~~~ Arrived home to find the girlfriend in a fury, angered by some snide comment of some sort at work, made by the ranking officer sts. About the rules and regulations concerning maternity-leave, promised to sort it out tomorrow. She’s no legal eagle and always comes up short when in these small battles, but the government is on her side, for once, in this matter and she’ll get her many, many months maternity-leave, as planned. Look forward to that; a great many things will have revealed themselves then, and I’ll certainly have learned a lot more about myself when that day arrives. No idea what this is or what it’ll mean, but for better or worse look forward to the resolutions that will come. ~~~ Saw ‘the Human Stain’ at the Dagmar, yesterday but recalled in this entry. A Robert Benton-film – too few of those around – starring Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman. Gary Sinise. A drama about the abolition of sin. They carry it differently, the two main characters, but it’s easy to witness and accept their attraction to each other, once his secret is out, the old English professor. Won’t reveal it here as I’m bound to forget it in fifty years time and will want to see the movie again as if it were for the first time. A good drama. Has been a while since I last saw a good drama in the theatres, or any good movie for that matter. ~~~ What else, what else… Oh, letter from the phone-company in the mail. States our broadband, or so they call it, Internet-connection will be available by the thirteenth of December, some three weeks from now. My God, why don’t I buy shares in this business. Three damn weeks. Have been without the Internet for some seven weeks as it is, and must admit that I wouldn’t like to be without it for seven more. Addictive, yes, but screw the browsing, it’s the communication that does it for me. Got used to having all of these great people around me, and only hope they’ll still want to have anything to do with me when I return as the prodical son. Ah, I know they will. Have not been completely alone in the digital age, as of course at work there’s been plenty of Internet available, if that’s a proper phrasing. Probably not. Talked to Daddy’o – the nick of one Claus Pedersen, whom I’ll be sure to visit around New Year’s Eve time – today, as a matter of fact, helped him put his car up for sale on the web. Good to know my humble abilities in that area are good for something. Aimed to please, and he seemd happy with what I did. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Thursday so soon. Anticipate working on the script in the evening. Am hoping for a quiet day.