Efficient weekend in Malmoe. Thor came over with brushes and all his other stuff and helped paint the bedroom, kitchen and office. Will do the apartment better towards a sale, that’s for sure. Liked the result very much, and was glad I didn’t go out and bring back the cheapest paint there was. Used up about three fourths of what I’d bought, so donated the remaining five litres to Thor, for his assistance. Good help, as was Thomas’, who even came over from just having painted his and sis’ own ceiling. Bought us pizzaes for their help, did I, thought shamefully I had to have sis front it all – will remember to put some money into her account tomorrow. Didn’t take as long as I’d thought, left the apartment around ten o’clock on the Friday, went to Thor’s place and drove racecars on his XBox game console for the remainder of the day. Slept restlessly on his couch – doubt I closed my eyes for an hour in total. Meant getting up early and doing some more painting on the flat, that and setting up my computer-system I’d brought with me, towards downloading some more films via the fabulous connection the apartment offered. Then Thor was back to assist, did the finishing touches and now have only to get in touch with Dagny the Super and have her contact the proper people to do some minor fixes before setting the apartment for sale. Am counting on having it on the market early in the next week. No sense in rushing it – it’s still a buyer’s market, I’m told. At any rate; thankful for the help, they’re great people. Back on the train late Sunday, delayed by a strike with the swedish railways personel. Found a fifty-note with no owner in the central station – bought myself a sandwich. And who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch? ~~~ Staring a full Saturday evening and Sunday in the face. Watched two highly uncommitting films, ‘Johnny English’ and ‘Down With Love’, and got very annoyed watching poor performances in some sports games. Patriot? Suppose so. Window-shopped for baby-stuff with the girlfriend, saw a bed and a changing-table we both liked – will try and get it back soon. Past Christmas will try and make room for it all, within this stamp of an apartment. And begin to look into securing different quarters, on another note. From the looks of it, all this gear isn’t so expensive as I could’ve feared. ~~~ Read a tenth of her book on babies and all they can catch and the labor period and giving birth and all that and propably lots more. Plan to do the whole thing within next week, to be favored over the script project. Believe it to be important, in how I react to her and of course to myself, and how to handle the time ahead. Information, can never hurt if you know how to use it right (which is often a case of sorting throught it properly, incidentally). So am hopeful it’ll do some for me as well. Still needed, evidently. ~~~ New week ahead. Ever steering towards that Christmas-holiday I’m looking much forward to. Lots to do, shopping for gifts and incidentals notably. Still have bought very few presents, and the case-modified computer cabinet I wanted to make for myself is far from done. Script-project lurks in the background, but am liable to leave it there for the time being. Am close to concluding a first draft, and the final scenes require just a wee bit more concentration than I’m offered. Surprised myself in as much as, oan, I was trying on a scene this other day and discovered tears forming and starting to roll down my face, this over something I jogged down. Probably no kind of quality assurance, but still surprised me, I can’t remember I’ve ever felt so involved before with a character. More likely than not a sign of too much self-awareness, rather than the Stanislavsky-way. But I guess it has honesty written all over it, and so couldn’t be terribly bad. Work, work, work. Closing up shop on the nineteenth, a decent fortnight ’till. Prior to which will have, on Tuesday, an Internet-connection and be back online, God, I can’t wait to join the community again. Second level living, if you like. ~~~ Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day