Read up to page three fifty of the girlfriend’s book on pregnancy and delieverance (…) and what’s beyond. Offers me good and sound info and advice on how to deal with this in a practical manner, and I end up feeling less unaware and nervous about the whole ordeal, which pleases me no end. Chance favors the prepared mind, and it’s but a three day read so there’s little excuse not to delve into it. Also it helps me understand her situation better. And, well, frankly it fascinates the hell out of me, the insight look into the process and how it affects her body. Cell-changes due to hormonal production-increases, how the womb is able to expand to many times its own size, all that stuff. Really very impressive and quite beyound comprehension. So many details are automatically attended to and no-one really can say they’re a hundred percent in the know of how they’re dealt with. It just happens, then out pops a kid with arms and legs and all, and that’s a bloody miracle I’m increasingly looking forward to experiencing firsthand. An added bonus; the volume speaks, well, volumes of the psychology behind the business. There’re quite a few thoughts here I was happy to have other put words to. So all in all a good read so far, and one of the projects I had wanted to and will have done with before moving home for a Christmas holiday. ~~~ Cable-guy came and installed our new DSL Internet-connection. Nice guy, great personality, knew what he was about and had interesting stories to share. For some reason I got to him pretty fast and he became very friendly, talked about his family and similar stuff. Old habit of acting up to these kind of fellows kicked in and he stayed for a coffee and a chat beyond having done his share of work. In the evening hooked the computer up to the router and was online for the first time in several months. Can’t believe I’ve been without for so long. Great plans to utilize the new interface to the world, most of them can wait till a bit into the new year. Trying my hand at tennis, for example, won’t get into that one before going away for a holiday. Will keep up the jogging instead – this day offered a trip round the Damhus lake, around four o’clock. Three degrees in the black, but it’s a ‘so far’. Still good to be out. Many swans around. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Will be Downtown past work, shopping for a present for the girlfriend and then joining her at the Tivoli, for a walk-through of their traditional Christmas-market. Later in the evening will go and watch ‘The Crazy Christmas Cabaret’, also in the old garden. Have gotten rave reviews over the past few years, will be good to go and see what it’s all about, have high expectations. Am hoping for a quiet day.