Finished her manual on babies and what to do with them and how. Increasingly reassured. For example, it turns out they typically sleep away some sixteen to seventeen hours of a day. Hell, that’s a lot of sleep. In between they manage 10-12 meals a day, the first few months. The great many facts of the book continued to testify to the miracle that it is, and I’m fully aware that preparing for the event itself is no kind of preparation at all, and never could or will be. Which is, of course, a wee bit scary, but also – and this is increasingly so – fascinating as hell. Good to be through it, will undoubtedly pick it up many times over, past this point (of no return – a joke). ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Sis and her Thomas joins us for dinner, one they’re planning to make, actually. Will be good to see them again. Will remember to give her my key to the Malmoe spartment, so she can put it in Dagny the super’s mailslot and again deliever it to the guy meant to fix what small things need fixing with said flat. Will write her a letter tomorrow, Dagny, presenting the situation. Probably next week find myself in Malmoe again, probably painting the hallway. Weekend around the corner. Lots of commitments, most of them not made by me but requiring my participation just the same. ~~~ Oh, near forgot, got my new VISA card in the mail today, a grand relief from having to life off Vibeke for a spell. Financial independance – don’t leave home without it. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.