Cleared the weekend. Friday had Sis and Thomas over for dinner, one they brought and cooked. Even did the dishes, on account of my falling down from my bicycle, when going to work that morning. Fell flat in a matter of half a second, never saw it coming. That’s the problem of riding a bike with only the rear break working, you can’t be too hard on it. Will see to fixing the front one soon enough – it’ll get more slippery than this, and I got a solid scare for my pains. Notably to my hand, those, first thought it was broken but came later in the Saturday I could use it well enough, so guess all that working keyboards at home and at work proves a decent workout for the hands. Did however manage to bruise several parts of my frame, including the upper right side of the chest, which started to ache over the Sunday. Still, got away cheap – could’ve fared much worse. Dinner was great. Good to see them again. And stayed away from the political discussions this time (though tempted, at times), so no greater aggrevations came ’round. Funny stories and generally nice company. Will drive home with them for Christmas, on the twenty-second. Look forward to that, a lot. They didn’t seem too let down about the scrabble boardgame we game them, and we could certainly use the bowl and measuring cup they donated. Real good to see them again. ~~~ Saturday went shopping for gifts, have now managed all of them and need only wrap a few. Found three DVD movies for mum, of Peter Ustinov playing Hercule Poirot in Agatha Christie’s ‘Death on the Nile’, ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ and ‘Murder in the Sun’ (I think). A book and shaving kit for the old man, CD gift cerficiate for sis and Vibeke, and for the latter a necklace and set of earrings, too. For the rest of the ‘family’, am part of the girlfriend’s presents – transferred some money into her account towards that purpose. Good to have her to see to that – I’m such a moron when it comes to thinking about these matters, I account for my very closest relatives and that’s about it, if I can help it. Back and near finished work on my homepage project, only needs a finishing touch and that’s it for another of this year’s projects. Then abovementioned family came around, her mum and dad with some puppy they’d bought at an expensive apparently so extravagant they had no money – or so the girlfriend told me her mother had betrayed – to buy decent presents for their children or remaining family. Jesus. In the evening out for a run. A trial-run for my conscience-money, almost, but came away with a good trip. Loaded the MP3-player up with Sting’s latest album, shamefully downloaded at no expense from the Internet. Shamefully, I say again, and mean it. Not as good as others’ of his, the first impression speaks. ~~~ Sunday up early and on a train to Holbaek, to visit her girlfriend Anja. Invited to fix her and her boyfriend’s computer, no trouble at all but received six red wine bottles for the sad effort from her, Anja’s, folks, whom I took out a harddrive of the computer for. Later went over to said Anja’s mother in law, whose daughter also suffered problems with her personal computer. Guess the word got around. Was kinda glad to have something to do and let the girls talk it out – I do like her but she’s really Vibeke’s friend, and they always seem to have so much to say to one another, I’m not necessarily required company. Was out of there around half six, and beforementioned mother in law, Anita (former employer of the girlfriend’s), drove us to the train, in Roskilde, from where ’twas but a fifteen minutes journey to Copenhagen Main Central. Back safely through the windy weather, and the girlfriend bought us pizzaes, which was nice. So there it remains, the weekend. Zoomed me by, I think, but the next one will be sure not to, what with the holiday coming up. Will have a pre-Christmas Eve with the girlfriend on next Saturday the twentieth, which it also a bit of something to look forward to. Hope the tree holds up until then – it’s so dry as is, the decorations are coming off because the needles are simply falling off the tree, like autumn leaves. Quite a lot of them, in fact enough to have me in fear of touching it lest they’ll all drop, simultaniously. Never saw that before – it must’ve been cut down several months back, I think. Or hope, rather. ~~~ So the Americans captured Saddam Hussein of Iraq, a half year past their declared victory. Given the choice of starting the war, I guess I can only agree with seeing it through, which this certainly is an attempt at. What happens now, well, who’s to say. A fair trial, the death penalty, who can tell. What will it stir up? Will be very interesting to follow in the time to come, the news from foreign lands. ~~~ Sat down and played the computer with the guys in the interest group for some hour and a half this evening. Totally uncommittive, free-flying fun, was glad to have the Internet at my disposal towards that purpose again. Did my best to enjoy the hell out of it, and even thought it only counts as half a social activity I deem it worthwhile, absolutely. Great fun. Great guys. Was sad to have had to set such a late date for a possible get-together over Christmas, but the notion came so soon a late date was the only alternative. Next year will try and put something together in good time. ~~~ Was riding in the train to Holbaek when suddenly the notion came to me, that it’s been a long while since my mind acted up on me, and had me worried about ridiculous concerns. Of course, naturally, wholly satisfied about this. First of all it’s a crappy feeling when it’s present, secondly it’s not of much use. Have yet to proclaim it’s a serious marker, but it’s sure how it feels and I’m more than happy to follow it as long as it plans to carry me. Now, this is not to say I’m, well, completely alright. I still react highly sensitive to what feels like even minor changes to my physique. But I can state three things that I know have done me good, notably having continued to run, i.e. exercise, having done a minimum of soul searching and, last but not least, read the girlfriend’s book on babies and their birth and other things of importance about them. And here’s the kicker, these are things I can continue to work on, and do my best at, and the further I go the more I stand to gain and the less I’ll face those deamons of mine. Physical exercise never hurt a body, information will always prove a gain if you know how to use it right, which I do. And the soul searching, well, over this Christmas I plan to get around to quite a bit of that, also. Meaning, I think I’m on the right path. Quite like a screenplay, you can’t tell if it’ll work or not, you merely try your best and hope it’ll cut it. And given these kind of results, i.e. not being so anxious, is a wonderful confirmation that some of what I’m trying to do is actually making sense, and working for me, not the other way around. I’m on to something useful, here, and that’s just a great feeling, to do good onto one self. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Last working week of the year. What a thought. Will start to contemplate the year’s conclusion. Work on the script project for a spell. Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.